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Whether you’re vacationing alone or with friends and family, Coco Beach has the right type of room for you. We have 110 rooms designed to give you that cozy and natural warmth feeling while you’re enjoying your stay with us.

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101 Activities and more

Coco Beach Island Resort offers a variety of water sports, including banca rides, fishing with local fishermen, glass-bottomed boat rides, snorkeling, water skiing and our crazy banana boat! We have 101 Activities for you to try!

In & Around the Resort

  1. Welcome Walk - Everyday / Free
    Upon arriving at Coco Beach, talk with your Service Family about doing a welcome sightseeing and familiarization walk around the resort.
  2. Wogging Traill - Everyday / Free 
    Join our staff at 9:30am and at 15:00 at Dolphin 1 for a healthy trek around the resort. Free chilled Calamansi Water after.
  3. Happy Hour Ballgame - F, S / Free
    From 15:00 to 16:00. The winner gets a shirt, the second gets a free happy hour drink and the loser is thrown into the swimming pool!
  4. Pig Game, Cork Game or Yatzee - Everyday / Free
    When the Bartenders are not too busy, play with them a round or two of these games. If you lose, you pay double for your drink and if you win, your drink is free!
  5. Beauty Parlor - Everyday
    Relax and rejuvenate yourself at our Beauty Parlor located at the Shopping Arcade.
  6. Spa and Wellnes - Everyday
    Enjoy a relaxing massage, a coffee, sugar or honey scrub at the Behiya Spa. 
  7. Chess with your Service Family - Everyday / Free 
    Play Chess with your Service Family. If you win, you get a free dinner at their private home. If you lose, you pay for the dinner.
  8. Boccia - Everyday / Free 
    Ask Belen or Elian at the Activity Booth to teach you how to play. Already know the rules? just get the balls anytime.
  9. Basketball Game - Everyday / Free 
    Play with or against other guests or join the staff during their afternoon play. Just ask Activity Guys about this.
  10. Board Games - Everyday / Free 
    Any day and any time you like, borrow any of our board games at the Activity Center. We have Scrabble, Games of the Generals, Backgammon...we even have a Mahjong Set.
  11. Coconut Game - Everyday / Free
    At 16:00 join the unique bowling game using a coconut and under the coconut trees while enjoying a Happy Hour drink.
  12. Coco Mini Gym - Everyday / Free 
    Maintain your beautiful curbs and strong muscles even you are in holiday. Located in the Activity Centee. 
  13. Outdoor Cinema - M, W, TH, F, SN @ 20:30 - Free 
    Enjoy your favorite films with out outdoor cinema at the beach or at the garden if weather permits. Please sign up at the Activity Centre or Frontdesk for reservation.
  14. Badminton - Everyday / Free 
    lay badminton at the Heritage Garden. Simply go to the Activity Center to get your gear.
  15. Billiard Tournament - M, F @ 21:30
    Play 8 Balls at the Barracuda bar. Winner gets a wooden figure trophy. Php 100 per player. 11:00 on Rainy Days.
  16. Dart Tournament - M / Free
    Be at the Barracuda Bar at 21:00 to join this tournament. Get a cocktail drink if you win!
  17. Tennis Tournament - M, TH @ 16:00
    Arnold and Edward organizes this tournament. Big prizes for the champion! Participation Fee of Php 150 per player.
  18. Table Tennis Tournament - W @ 15:00 / Free
    To be refereed by our Activity Supervisor Elian. Winner gets a specially designed shirt. Second Placer gets a happy hour drink!
  19. Beach Volleyball Match - F @ 17:00
    We use old and traditional rules for our Beach Volleyball. Losing team pays for a case of beer/softdrinks that will be enjoyed by all the players. Also available everyday if guests & waiters agree.
  20. Pick your own Coconut - TH @ 15:00 / Free
    The objective is to pick your own coconut to win a special prize. Guests must be physically fit, strong and definitely above 12 years of age, as a safety precaution.
  21. Botanical Sightseeing - Everyday @ 10:00am / Free​
    Go around the resort with Jun Inocentes and know more about the vegetation of Coco Beach.
  22. Coco Soap Making - S @ 15:00 / Free
    Observe and get to know more about our own Coco Soap made by the Service Family as a livelihood project.
  23. Guitar lessons - T, W, TH / Free
    Learn to play the guitar from our Waiter Joey.
  24. Folk Dance Lessons - F @ 14:00 / Free
    Learn the graceful moves of folk dance from Service Mama Charisse. Meet her at the Reception.
  25. Painting Lessons - TH @ 14:00
    Learn the techniques and styles from our in-house artists. Inclusive of tshirt, colors, paints, brush and easel. Php 500 per person
  26. Swimming Lessons - S, SN @ 10:00 / Free 
    Swim like a fish? Learn to swim from our Pool Attendant Bobby at the main pool.
  27. Dance Exercise with Service Mamas - F @ 16:00
    oin your Service Mamas in getting fit while dancing to your favorite tunes.They can do aerobics and are trying out the hit Zumba! Be at the beachfront with your comfy clothes.
  28. Coconut Cycle - M, W @ 15:00 / Free
    Story telling about the life cycle of the Coconut Tree by Mr. Crazy Rey.
  29. Pool Volleyball & Pillow Fight - Rainy Day
    Volley, winners get a case of beer from the losing team. Pillow fight at the pool! Winners get a prize! Rainy day action only at 10:00 & 11:00

Water Sports & Activities

  1. Glass-bottom Boat - Everyday
    Anytime from 09:00 to 16:00.Take a 45 minute trip in our Glass-bottom Boat to see the beautiful marine life and the wonders of the sea. Minimum 2 pax. Php 250 per person.
  2. Introduction to Scuba Diving - Everyday
    Learn from the Pros. Coco Divers will introduce you to the wonderful world of Scuba diving. Book a day ahead. DSD Course at Php 3,950 per person.
  3. Scuba Diving - Everyday
    Puerto Galera has one of the most diverse and abundant marine life. Discover 30 beautiful dive sites with the Coco Divers. Php 1,800 per dive with rental equipment Php 1,450 per dive with your own equipment. For licensed divers only.
  4. Snorkeling Lessons - T, TH, S @ 09:00 / Free
    Learn the basics of snorkelling and start enjoying the underwater world. We’ll show you the best coral gardens!
  5. Sea Relaxing - Everyday / Free
    From 09:00 to 16:00. Relax on a rubber tire-interior.
  6. Wakeboarding - Everyday
    10:00 to 16:00. Flip and ride the waves! Php 620 for 15 minutes
  7. Stand-up Paddle Board- Everyday
    Enjoy a relaxing stand-up paddle board and explore the beautiful coves and coasts of Puerto Galera. Php 250 per hour.
  8. Kayaking - Everyday
    Available between 09:00 to 16:00. You are only allowed to rent if you are a good swimmer. Php 250 per hour.​
  9. Waterskiing - Everyday
    09:00-16:00. Try all styles you want! Php 620 for 15 minutes
  10. Banana Boat Ride - Everyday
    Have fun on a 15-minute Banana Boat Ride! Minimum 4 pax. Php 250 per person.
  11. Paraw Trip - Everyday
    Enjoy a relaxing Paraw (paddle boat) trip for a half day adventure. Paddle around the beautiful coves and coasts of Puerto Galera. Bring your snorkeling gear (not included). Php 1,000 per person,Whole day trip. Maximum 2 persons.09:00-16:00. Try all styles you want! Php 620 for 15 minutes


Trips & Excursions

  1. Free Boat - Everyday / Free
    Puerto Galera boasts of many beautiful beaches and coves like Haligi, Agas Beach and Bayanan. Explore one beach/cove everyday with our Free Boat. Leave by 09:30, back by 11:45.
  2. Tamaraw Falls - Everyday
    A half-day tour with guide and great scenery on the way. Php 1,900 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 1,200/person min. 4. Php 950/person min. 6.
  3. Tukuran Lagoon Tour - Everyday
    A whole day tour with a 40-minute jeepney ride to Tamaraw Falls and a Carabao cart ride passing through the rivers and towering coconut trees to the lagoon. Php 3,300 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 2,400/person min. 4. Php 1,950/person min. 6.
  4. Trekking Mt. Baclayan - Everyday
    A half-day excursion to a Mangyan Settlement. You can also bring your old clothes to give to the Mangyan. Minimum 4 pax. Php 400 per person + boat fare.
  5. Walk to Puerto Galera - Everyday / Free
    Take this walk early morning or late afternoon so it’s not too hot. Signs will guide you from the Coco Soap Workshop to Puerto Galera Town proper. Takes 2-2 1/2 hours.
  6. Hidden Paradise Tour - Everyday
    This trip brings you to the Baras Mangyan village where the Mangyan School Children perform their song and dances.Then to Hidden Paradise. Php 3,500/ person for min. 2 pax. Php2,450 /person min. 4. Php2,100 /person min. 6.
  7. Hummer Jeep - Everyday
    Rent our strong Hummer Jeep and explore the island. Drive through rivers, rough terrains and into unbeaten paths of Mindoro and maybe, meet the natives who might hitch a ride. Php 2,950+ first 2 pax; whole day with driver. Plus Php 250 for each additional pax. Plus, Php 10/kilometer for gasoline.
  8. Mountain Bikes & Safety Helmet - Everyday
    If you wish to cover more distance and still be able to pass through trails and side roads. Php 600 per bike & helmet for the whole day.
  9. Twin Falls & River Kayaking - Everyday
    A whole day of adventure awaits you! Trek through the jungle of Mindoro to get to the Twin Falls at the foot of Mt. Baco. Includes river paddling, seeing monkeys (if you’re lucky), food & guide. Minimum 6 pax. Php 1,500 per person.
  10. Aras Cave & Falls - Everyday
    A whole day adventure. From Muelle, a jeepney ride for 1 hour to saclag, in the town of San Teodoro.Then trek to the jungle for an hour to get the Aras Cave & Falls. Aras Cave is about 10 meters high, 5 meters wide and about 100 meters long where thousands of bats live inside. Fresh water from the 50 meters Aras Falls flows in the middle of the cave. Monkeys can be seen if you are lucky enough. Includes foods, drinks, transfer and guide. Php 3,600 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 2,000/person min. 4. Php 1,500/person min. 6.
  11. Calapan City Tour & Eco Park - Everyday
    Have a chance to ride on top of the jeepney while enjoying nice scenery along the way. Plus, visit the Calapan Recreational & Zoological Park. Php 2,500 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 1,500/ person min. 4. Php 1,300/person min. 6.
  12. Sunset Cruise - Everyday
    At 4:30 in the afternoon, leaves at Coco Beach to a romantic cruise in a tropical paradise. Enjoy the coco punch & pica-pica while watching the beautiful sunset.Php 1,100 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 850/person min. 4.
  13. Snorkeling Tour - Everyday
    Enjoy the beautiful marine life and other wonders of underwater world of Puerto Galera.A half day trip includes snorkeling gear, sandwiches, drinks and boat. Php 1,150 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 800/person min. 4. Php 650/person min. 6.
  14. Puerto Galera Adventure and Recreational Eco Park
    Inclusive of zip line ride, canopy walk, hanging bridge, cargo net climb and mini zoo tour. Enjoy the spectacular view of more than 20 islands. Please ask Activity Guys for fees and other details.
  15. Agbalala Waterfalls Tour - Everyday
    A whole day adventure in Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro. 1 1⁄2 hours by boat to Agbalala where a spectacular 40-meter falls and natural pool awaits to be discovered.Then, 20 minutes trek up the mountain to a bigger waterfall. Includes boat, picnic lunch, guide & fees. Php 3,050 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 2,250/person min. 4. Php 2,000/person min. 6.
  16. Holy Mass - Sunday 07:30 
    Go to church in Puerto Galera.We arrange the boat - just inform the Reception the night before.
  17. Speed Boat - Everyday
    Any day and any time you like. Explore more of the islands with our 115HP Speedboat! Good for 6 pax. Php 4,000 per hour plus cost of gasoline consumed.
  18. Beach Hopping - Everyday
    We will bring you to some of the most beautiful coves and coasts of Puerto Galera.This whole day excursion has lunch included. Php 2,000 / person for min. 2 pax. Php1,600 /person min. 4. Php 1,400 /person min. 6. 
  19. Dolphin Watching - Everyday
    Weather permitting and if the local boatman likes, get up early to watch Dolphins. Maximum 6 pax per boat. Php 1,200 if you see a Dolphins. Php 1,000 if NO Dolphins are seen.
  20. Three Days Special - Everyday
    Sail, stay and fly. Leave Coco Beach early in the morning for Boracay via Calapan-Roxas-Caticlan route and see the country- side. Stay at Casa Pilar or Red Coconut for 2 nights. Fly back to Manila. Book at least 2 days in advance. Minimum 2 pax. Starts at Php 14,000 per person. Depends on hotel and flight availability.
  21. Explore Unknown Beaches and Coves - Everyday
    Be a Robinson Crusoe for a day with one of the local boatmen. Better order a picnic basket (not included in package). Maximum 6 pax per boat. Php 1,500 whole day.
  22. Apo Reef - Everyday
    Sail, stay and fly. Leave Coco Beach early in the morning for Boracay via Calapan-Roxas-Caticlan route and see the country- side. Stay at Casa Pilar or Red Coconut for 2 nights. Fly back to Manila. Book at least 2 days in advance. Minimum 2 pax. Starts at Php 14,000 per person. Depends on hotel and flight availability.
  23. Kamurong Bugtong Tour - Everyday
    A 45-minute boat ride to visit the Mangyan Village and Mangyan Project Shop. Includes boat, guide, drinks and a simple lunch at Kristine’s (Mangyan Project) house. Php 2,150/ person for min. 2 pax. Php1,350/person min. 4. Php1,100/person min. 6.
  24. Survival Trip - Everyday
    An overnight adventure where you have to survive on your own. Includes loyal guide, tents and boat. Book 2 days in advance. Php 1,900 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 1,100 /person min. 4. Php850 / person min. 6..
  25. Overnight in the Jungle - W
    Spend overnight in the jungle! Get back to Coco Beach late afternoon the next day. Food, drinks, guide and tent/sleeping bag are included. Php 1,850 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 1,650 / person min. 4.
  26. Ariguy River Rafting - Everyday @ 09:30
    From Muelle, a jeepney ride for 11⁄2 hours to Ariguy River in the town of Baco.Then 11⁄2 hours of rafting for 7 km of Class 1 category.You must be a good swimmer to do this. Includes food, drinks & transfers. Php 5,300 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 3,600/person min. 4. Php 3,050/person min. 6.
  27. Aninuan Falls - Everyday
    A half day tour with guide, transportation, drinks and snack. 45 minutes jeepney ride to Brgy. Aninuan and 30 minutes trek passing through rivers to the Aninuan Falls. Php 1,850 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 1,150 /person min. 4. Php 900/person min. 6.
  28. Jungle River Kayaking Tour - Everyday
    Starts at 09:30 for a whole day excursion with a picnic lunch in the jungle of San Rafael River. Php 4,000 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 2,800 /person min. 4. Php 2,300 /person min. 6.
  29. Mindoro Round - EverydayExperience the island of Mindoro on a 6 day/ 5 night trip. Start with a boat ride to Abra de Ilog then travel by land to Sablayan. 2 nights stay in Pandan Island.Visit the Tamaraw Conservation Park. Day 5, head to Roxas for a town tour, adventure in the San Rafael Cave and at a Hanunuo Mangyan Settlement. Includes accommodation, full board meals, transfers, select activities & tour guide. Minimum 4 pax. Php 17,000 per person.
  30. Taal Volcano Tour - Everyday
    A whole day trip that can be arranged any day you like. Enjoy the majestic vistas and experience the thrill of horse back riding up to the crater of Taal Volcano. Please ask the Activity Guys for fees and schedule.
  31. Overnight in Manila - Everyday
    Stay in Manila before going home for shopping, we recommend to book you at two of the hotels in Manila (Double Room w/ Breakfast). Rooms normally cost US$ 300+ a night but if you book through us... Diamond Hotel Php 7,000. Berjaya Php 4,500
  32. Puerto Galera Shooting Range - Everyday
    On any day from 10:00 to 17:00, practice your aiming skills in a private and secluded shooting range. Php 2,450 includes Gun rental - 45 Caliber or 9mm Pistol, shooting fee and 10 bullets.
  33. Visit Stairways Foundation - M @ 10:00 / Free
    Ask our Activity Guides on how you can visit this non-profit organization which helps street children and managed by the couple Lars and Monica Jorgensen.
  34. Paintball Game - Everyday
    Get some action and adventure with your friends. Minimum 6 pax for 2 hours. Php 1,000 per person.
  35. Trip to Bulabod - Everyday 
    A whole day excursion where you will experience swimming in the river until you reach the open sea. Includes guide and food. Php 1,600 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 1,000/person min. 4. Php 800/person min. 6.
  36. Trekking Mt. Talipanan - TH @ 08:00
    One whole day of trekking including guide, food and water. Php 1,100 / person for min. 2 pax. Php 900/person min. 4. Php 700/ person min. 6.
  37. Fishing Trip - SN @ 06:00 / Free
    Join one of our Service Papa on a fishing trip.
  38. Explore Puerto galera - M, F
    A half day walk around town passing by the church, market, museum and school. Minimum 4 pax. Php 250 per person.
  39. Ponderosa Golf & Country Club - Everyday
    A trip can be arrange any day you like. Please ask at the Activity Center for fees and schedules.


Food, Drinks & Specials

  1. Sunset Cruise & Dinner at Haligi Beach - Everyday
    For a different setting and ambience. A romantic cruise and dinner in tropical paradise. Minimum 4 pax. Php 1,950 per pax.
  2. Chef's Special - Everyday
    Have a romantic candlelit dinner at the beach. Please arrange with your waiter at least 3 hours in advance and ask for the Chef’s Special Menu. Starts at Php 1,650 per person.
  3. Under the Mango Tree - Everyday @ 18:30
    Have a real Filipino family dinner at Rodel's house in Sinandigan. Dine al fresco in their garden under the Mango Tree. Includes dinner & local drinks. Takes 30 minutes by boat & a little walk. Min. 6, max 10 pax. Php 750 per person.
  4. Breakfast Room Service - Everyday / Free
    When you want to enjoy your breakfast in your balcony, pull the cord to call your Service Family. But please accept that it can only be served between 08:30 to 09:30 only.
  5. Supreme Ceasar's Salad & Mango Jubilee - Everyday
    Ask the headwaiter to prepare your salad or dessert right in front of you. Minimum 2 orders. Php 390+ per pax per order.
  6. New Moon Party - Every New Moon
    Party the night away on the beach to great music or just chill out on the sand and watch the moon and the stars! Php 250 per person inclusive of 2 cocktails and pica pica.
  7. Lunch at Trattoria "Sotto Le Stelle" - Everyday
    Enjoy different kinds of pizza at the beach. Available everyday except Tuesdays. Price starts at Php 190+ per pizza..
  8. Barracuda Pica-Pica - Everyday / Free
    If you’re still at the Barracuda Bar and having some drinks by midnight, the bartenders will serve free Pica pica for free!
  9. Buko Pie Lessons - SN @ 10:00 / Free
    Learn how to make this simple but delicious coconut pie from Bakers Raul and Jun at Coco Beach Bakery. Please book at the Activity area or at the reception a day before
  10. Macaroon Baking Lessons - M, TH @ 10:00 / Free
    Bakers Raul or Jun will teach you how to make this treat! Please book at the Activity area or at the reception a day before
  11. Bar Mixing Lessons - F @ 15:00
    Bartenders Rey will teach you to mix and drink some of our top sellers like Weng-Weng! Php 250 per person.
  12. Crazy Party - W @ 22:00
    Have fun and enjoy free flowing rhum coke, gin tonic and pica-pica. Listen & dance to reggae music. Php 350 per person.
  13. Crazy Breakfast at the Beach - W @ SN
    Wake up to a not so normal omelette, crazy shaped breads, extraordinary mix of juices and more.
  14. Midnight Lobster Spaghetti - Everyday
    On any night, order a lobster spaghetti with a half bottle of red Italian wine and served in your balcony. Php 1,150+ per order.

Children's Activities

  1. Bubble Maker with Rex - Everyday
    Let your children try Scuba Diving with the Bubble Maker Lessons with the Coco Divers. PHP 3,950 per lesson per child.
  2. Paper Mache' - SN @14:00 / Free
    Children under 12 years can learn how to make paper mache from Children’s Activity Coordinator Belen and in-house artist.
  3. Sandcastle Build-up - T @ 14:00 / Free
    A 60-minute activity using special “liquid” to make sand firm. Only 1 adult is allowed to help per child. Winner gets a prize.
  4. Kite Flying Competition - M @ 15:30 / Free
    Go fly your kites to its highest! Winner gets a prize.
  5. Children Games - S @ 15:00 / Free
    Join traditional Filipino Games organized by Activity Guides Belen and Darwin at the Children’s Playground. Win lots of prizes and goodies!

Outreach Programs

  1. Send a Mangyan to School - Everyday
    Sponsor a deserving Mangyan and send them to school. Coco Beach is actively encouraging the Mangyan Tribe to be part of the community through helping them get the right education to help their own tribe later on.
  2. Bring old Clothes for the Mangyan - Everyday
    You or your friends who are coming to Coco Beach might want to bring your old clothes. We are happy to receive any light clothing you may want to give.


Booking officeS

Manila Booking Office
G/F Sunny Bay Suites, 1438 Roxas Boulevard, Manila 1000 Philippines.

Phone: (+63) 2 521-5260 or (+63) 2 526-4594.

Fax: (+63) 2 526-6903

Email: sales@cocobeach.com / reservation@cocobeach.com

Office Hours: M-F: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm / Sat.-Sun.: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm (Manila Time).

Coco Beach Island Resort
Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro Philippines

Phone: (+63) 917 883 9334

Fax: (+63) 43 287 3529

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