Short but Sweet: A Blissful Weekend Paradise 

Judito Angelo Tadeo's Story
It was on impulse when we decided that we ought to have a break away from deadlines and stress. We booked a weekend getaway to Mindoro. It was both our first time to visit Puerto Galera so we were both excited to see what the Pearl of Mindoro had to offer.
On the 12th of June 2015, we set forth to Mindoro. The trip to Puerto Galera involved a short bus ride and another 1 hour by boat, but the approach from the sea that greeted us blew all the fatigue away. The view was worth traveling 150 kilometers for. It was like we were treading in a dream. The sea bore the bluest of the blues; the mountains the greenest of the greens. Even the sky spared us from gray clouds as the sun enveloped us in its warm embrace. There was indescribable serenity that our troubled souls yearned for. This was exactly the paradise that we needed.
Upon arriving at Coco Beach, we felt like we were coming home. We didn't (still don't) have the right words to describe the beauty of the resort, tucked away in privacy where the mountains meet the sea. We immediately fell in love with the hospitality of the staff, the traditional rooms and the simplicity of life that Coco Beach has established. We were impressed by how the resort placed the cabanas on the mountainside, allowing an immersion in nature and rewarding guests with a full 180 degree view of the sea. The food served at the resort’s 4 restaurants enticed not only our palates but also our other senses with the variety of colors and aromas that were certainly fresh. Everything in Coco Beach provided us the well­deserved rest that we were looking for.
For three short days, we spent our time lounging around, feasting our eyes on the breathtaking nature around us. We also got to experience the marvels of Mindoro through the 101 activities organized by Coco Beach: we tried out exploring and snorkeling in dreamy depths of the sea. It was not only once or twice that we wished time would stop. In countless moments, we hoped for forever. Basking in the splendour of nature and getting lost in its sublimity, we were able to find ourselves. Coco Beach provided the sanctuary which not only healed our minds and bodies but also cleansed our souls.
Sunday, December 13, 2015 1:07:00 AM

Lornadahl Campilan's Story 

I attended the International Coastal Clean Up Day and New Moon Party in Coco Beach Island Resort in Puerto Galera in Mindoro last weekend and found the perfect opportunity to temporarily pause from my typically toxic quarter-end workload and serve the ailing earth. After all, the new moon is typically the onset of  meaningful manifestations or new undertakings. I have no specific intent in mind, but I could seriously use the chance to get away from it all and be reminded that there are bigger issues out there.
When I landed in the resort by Saturday noon, I found out I was already late to join the University of the Philippines Marine Biological Society (UP MBS) for the beach clean up and there’s no afternoon schedule for such. Since I’m still not a licensed diver, I can’t join the dive clean-up set in the afternoon either. Next year, I’ll join the coastal clean-up, I vowed.
It was my first time to attend their monthly New Moon parties. One look at the rastafarian stage and I was easily convinced I’ll have a blast. See, since I heard Xaymaca in Timog already closed operations, Coco Beach had instantly become my new reggae home. I almost don’t bother inquire for their band line-up; I knew it’ll be a pleasant overdose of feel-good, hip-swaying reggae tunes.
That evening, the Iraya Band (named after the indigenous people found in Puerto Galera, the Iraya tribe of the bigger Mangyan tribe) started the line-up with a mix of good tracks that got us pumped up and ready for more drinks.  Green Leafy‘s set was an instant favorite; they deviated from the usual Bob Marley songs and they were the first reggae band I know that performed Matisyahu‘s “One Day”. Either I don’t get to attend gigs as often as I used to anymore or this favorite track is not everybody’s favorite. My brother Lec recently told  me that Matisyahu’s music is too cerebral (and then he proceeded with recommending this andthat). Still, I give Green Leafy props for including it in their playlist. Make sure to catch them live when you’re in Mindoro!
The ultimate surprise? The inclusion of the alternative/metal/post-grunge band in the line-up.Descaler made us bang our heads in their covers and original songs.  They started their set with their heavy metal take of Adelle‘s “Rolling in the Deep”. (Go, look it up on YouTube!) What a way to start the par-tey! And in case you’re wondering, no, they didn’t shock us with a reggae song to conclude their set.
As if these back-to-back bands were not enough, we guests were treated to breathtaking fire dancing from Art Tactics. Sorry, I have no photos to show. I just watched them and repeatedly asked myself why I didn’t proceed with my zip classes. They’re so amazing!
With the attendance of college students in the resort, the par-tey became a pleasant deviation from the usual Danish crowd. We watched as the org leaders started calling out the neophytes and asked them to perform Psy’s “Gang Nam Style”. Then the rest felt like a spring break par-tey. And me feeling quite old for it. Haha!
What to do? Hang out in the bar (I bet the waiters will persuade you to try their weng weng) and have fun with my favorite people in the resort. In any order. And the rest was a blurry history.
Sunday, December 13, 2015 1:06:00 AM

Michelle Canta's Story 

When you think of Puerto Galera, you often think about beach parties. So I was surprised to find out that there was a quiet, peaceful resort there. Our trip to Cocobeach was relatively hassle-free and when we got there we could feel the warmth of the welcome. 

We attended a new moon party and enjoyed ourselves a lot. The band was amazing but what made the night even more fun were the other guests. From families to honeymooners to solo vacationists, the various people there interacting and having fun was a refreshing change from what we usually experience in Galera.
We stayed up late but still were able to wake up early to take a swim. We'll surely come back the next time we can. 
Sunday, December 13, 2015 1:04:00 AM

Malaine Limson's Story 

I've been to beaches all over Asia but, ironically, I haven't gone around the Philippines. So my visit to Cocobeach was a revelation -- I knew Philippine beaches were great, but Cocobeach was something else. 
And it wasn't just the beach, it was the entire experience. I loved how quiet the resort generally is. Vacation is a time to relax, so I really appreciated the tranquility of the area. 
In particular, I loved the silent pool. Swimming there in the afternoons was very relaxing and the 2 for 1 drinks helped as well ;)    
Sunday, December 13, 2015 1:04:00 AM

Joanna Saunar's Story 

There's a saying "the ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul" and this how i would like to describe my wonderful experience at coco beach. I came there with a troubled heart and a mind in chaos and i left at peace with myself. 
The days i spent at coco beach was nothing but fruitful. I get to spend time with my friend since college who i consider my soul sister. It's those times i can act crazy and not care at all. I got a chance to be with my god daugther and just be around my friend's family filled with laughter. To spend those moments in coco beach doubles the experience. Coco beach is not just a resort but a community. It makes you feel close to home, makes you comfortable to be at your own skin and be at your own pace. They'll give you the vibe of being in a family, that extra mile they can give to you when you stay there.
But the highlight of my stay was my diving experience. I got to do something for the first time and i was under the care of the wonderful and amazing dive instructors of coco beach. They are more than just instructors, they advocate the protection of marine life. For my first dive, i was with sea turtles. It was a moment that made me still and appreciate nature even more. And in those moment with a troubled heart, i felt peace. It Was like god telling me to be like the sea turtle, be at ease in my own shell. To be patient and take that longer cycle of transformation. To have determination and stay  strong while walking the path with serenity. Let the tide take you wherever it will lead and enjoy the journey, to trust in the flow, that there's no absolute destination and experience happy accidents.
My stay at coco beach became really personal which makes it really unforgettable. And it is a testament, that coco beach is a place where you can leave a piece of yourself to look back who you were then and what you have become now. It is more than a resort, it's part of your journey.
Sunday, December 13, 2015 1:03:00 AM

Lanie and Michael's Story 

Happy 29th Anniversary!
(April 18, 2015 – April 19, 2015)
My Boyfriend and I always wanted to travel but never could find time, every year we manage to celebrate our anniversary with just a simple Lunch/Dinner on our favorite restaurant, playing arcade and watching Cinema.
One day, Out of the blue we come up with unplanned vacation and packed our things right away heading to PUERTO GALERA. We heard good reviews from Coco Beach Island Resort and decided to give it a try, immediately fell in love with traditional cottages that are made up of bamboo and Nipa Hut that really which catches my attention since I grew up in Manila.
Staff was extremely hospitable, friendly and helpful which made our stay more enjoyable. Our Service Family provided everything that we need gave us homemade macaroons for midnight snack and prepares fresh refreshment for breakfast just like having a second family.
The quality of the hotel and surroundings were pristine and what I love the most is FRESH AIR and the perfect view of God’s wonderful Creation. I feel like I have found the perfect paradise to relax, and unwind, escape a day without thinking of anything and COCO BEACH never fail to surprise us in many ways you guys Nailed our stay! We spend the rest of the day in the island enjoying the sea and be lazy by the beach.
We had a very sumptuous breakfast while waiting for our tour, we go snorkeling and fish feeding session J
We never had a chance like this for the past 6 Years that we have been together and so overwhelm that this place gave us the opportunity to make these kinds of memories that we will treasure for the rest of our infinity!
Best 6th Anniversary Vacation Ever! I continue to be amazed by the awe and splendor one can experience.
Thank you COCO BEACH ISLAND RESORT! We had an awesome time.
Love Lots,
Lanie Laize S. Union and Michael Rabino
Sunday, December 13, 2015 1:02:00 AM

Lyn Recaplaza's Story 

What a beautiful experience,at Cocobeach,the smells of the salty water,the wind in your face,soo fresh,the waves,it creates a sense of peace,and calms your senses,i even had my very own time to do the yoga poses in the beach front,in the evening,while my husband relaxing also beside me.When I first discover Cocobeach,would you believe that me and my kids,were first time in Puerto Gallera,way back 2013,Feb.It was one of our Island hopping,while the boat passby,I saw this signage,as we get closer and closer,Coco beach,we all said wow,what a beautiful beach secluded,it looks very private,and lovely. 
So i said to myself,someday,i will got the chance,how i wish that me and my husband could visit I dream and dream about it....And finally,last July,24,25,and 26,this year.Me and my loving husband,spend our first ever honeymoon,after 18 years of being married,in an Island called Cocobeach.As a wife of an ofw,this is very special for us.We arrive in the afternoon,they welcome us with a very warm greeting,a welcome drinks,and a puca shells.
We headed to our lovely nipa hut,hill top accomodation,we were accompnied by one of the son of our Assigned in house Mama,so no worries,they are assigned to keep each each room,tidy and clean,so no worries during our stay.
As excited like a kids,my husband and i went for a walk,we first went uphill,to one of the swimming pool,which they called..silent pool,sorrounded by the beautiful trees,overlooking view of the ocean...we went downhill,going up and going down,means you are excercising your legs,a cardio workout,without exerting much effort.As we headed to the beach,you will get carried away,because life here is so different,time doesnt move hour to hour,but mood to moment.As the sunset,we captured the moment,kissing by the beach,by the sunset,walking barefoot in the sun.So you realy forget time,all we did was relax,let loose,all the worries.It is one of the most unforgetable,evening we spent together,we were like honeymooners.In the morning,you can feel the sweet smells of the fresh air,wow,the scent of the morning breeze.You will be greeted by birds singing.And this accomodation,is litterally eat,pray,love!
In Cocobeach,crystal clear ocean,we felt like we were floating  up above a big ocean,of experience.sand beaneath our feet,big blue sky above our heads,we enjoyed snorkeling,island hoppings,it was like a giant spa,we felt like we are re charged,it is really a sense of peace and calm..Those memories that is already written in our book of memories,we wanted next time that our grow up kids will experience.
Sunday, December 13, 2015 1:02:00 AM


Jobelle Baldemor and Friends
by: Princess Marie Angelique C. Tobias
If you feel like you know Puerto Galera too much, trust me, if you haven’t been to Coco Beach, you haven’t discovered its secret gem yet. 
With our intertwined lives of love, friendship, hope and a tad of unfulfilled dreams, we set our foot on the pristine sand of Coco Beach and listened to the melancholic harmony of its waves. And the brilliance of the experience itself lies on how the place and its people welcome guests with open arms.
Here’s one secret I want to tell you during our Coco-beach getaway. I came without so much expectation but to ESCAPE. Yes, you read it right.- ESCAPE. I felt that for the past couple of months before our group’s “friendship ANNIVERSARY,” my life has been a series of mishaps and I was on a dead-end.  However, our quick getaway turned out to be more than a detour.
This place has its magic. A beauty surrounded by love and friendship. Everyone, including its guests seemed to exude an aura of belonging and serenity. Its grand design won’t intimidate a soul; it would make you feel—home. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or a place to make love with your books—at COCO BEACH, you would never feel out of place. 
Date of Visit: March 28-29, 2015 | Room H3
We also have a video uploaded at YouTube
Sunday, December 13, 2015 1:00:00 AM


Kat Vela Cruz's Story
I was so excited when I learned that Coco Beach has a promo in deal grocer so I didn’t hesitate to avail that deal. It was our first time to have a vacation alone as a couple last September 26 - 28, 2015 to that amazing resort! I can’t stop taking pictures and videos in every corner because of that relaxing and colourful place, it’s everywhere! The flowers, coconut trees and the blue sky that reflects from the warm sea - it was such a bliss.
The crew were very accommodating and it was such a pleasant feeling to us.The food were absolutely delicious and had big servings - I was shocked that the price was not that expensive. We also had a very romantic evening while the group of golden voices sang to us during dinner, they really had a gifted voice! We were like on a VIP because of how they treat us from 1st day to the last day especially the family in-charged in housekeeping. The room was native and elegantly romantic, perfect for us! We stayed at deluxe room with a flawless view, the beach front. That was really a tranquil place ever.
We participated in some activities like free boating and tried snorkelling and fish feeding as we are both first time – a piece of heaven seeing how beautiful creatures under the sea. Too bad we don’t have water proof camera.  Much of our time were spent to walking on the seaside and explore some places in the resort like the hanging bridge and the silent pool. I so love seeing the romantic sunset and the warm sunrise and it was my most awaited moment with my hubby.
Actually, even if you don’t do so much activities there, you will not get bored because of the place and looking at the picturesque of Coco beach, it’s as if you just want to stay there all throughout your vacation, plus the crew were really exceptional serving us. We are again planning to have a vacation with our family by next year and I am so excited! There is so much I want to express how we loved staying in that resort but to sum it all - We experience paradise for 3days and 2nights when we we’re in Coco Beach. ☺
Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:54:00 AM

Robertson's Coco Beach Story 

Coco Beach! WOW,  What an amazing place, only at this point in our story we had no idea what wonders awaited us. This story starts in Early 2009 as Justin and I were looking for a honeymoon destination. One late night after what seemed like endless hours of searching the vast internet we stumbled upon a website for a small secluded resort called "Coco Beach" , we knew right away that this would be the place and we booked our five night stay in what would soon become our favorite destination. Finally after months of waiting and anticipation, we are married and off to coco beach! We visited April 2009 and were BLOWN AWAY by this amazing place, how green, how private and romantic the place was. We loved coco beach so much in fact that we made another reservation  6 months after to stay for 1 week.
When Justin and I we arrived that October 2009 we had such a warm welcome . To our amazement the staff remembered us and immediately it felt like home.  I organized a surprise birthday dinner by the beach for Justin and because all the staff took such care to make it special. It remains to this day such a memorable and special night for us. We had such a great time walking on the trails, getting henna tattoos, and boat trips that just maybe we would get to come again......
When we had our first born (Dexton) in 2011, the opportunity to plan a return stay had come. We decided to plan our whole trip around going back to coco beach. So in May 2012 we once again set foot on what was now a familiar beach filled with so many warm memories and the delight of seeing the Coco Beach family again! This time Justin was able to dive for the first time and I was able to bring my sister to share this place with.
Now that we have our second child (Jazper), we look forward to the day we're able to bring him to see this special place. From our first visit, there are three reoccurring reasons that keep drawing us back; hospitality of service families and staff, family/home feeling, and privacy/seclusion. Coco Beach is a part of our life now, and always will be and we can't wait to plan our next coco adventure!  
Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:53:00 AM
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