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Laura and Naomi 

Pj and James of Front Office

Laura Howard and her daughter Naomi had visited Coco Beach Island Resort for three times already. Their first vacation here was in 2011 then two times this year where Naomi participated in the Halloween activities. She loved playing in the water, no wonder most of her time was spent in the pool and at the beach.

She was so friendly that almost everyone including guest knew her.

Thank you so much Laura and Naomi and may you have a joyful New Year.

Saturday, December 29, 2012 1:06:00 PM
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Wendy Gifford and Family 

Cherry & Erickson

Family Gifford stayed four nights and 5 days at Coco Beach Island Resort last October in the Super Banana deluxe rooms with astounding view of the sea from their balcony. While at the resort the family enjoyed diving, water skiing and the thrilling experience with the Banana boat ride. They also availed the services offered at Behiya Spa.

To family Gifford, Happy New Year from Coco Beach Family.

Saturday, December 29, 2012 10:54:00 AM
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Henriksen Family 

Henriksen family  had been to Coco beach Island Resort last October.  During their stay the family spent most of their time at the pool and sun bathing at the beach. What they loved about the resort are eco-friendly environment.They also got pampered at Behiya Salon. To Henriksen Family, we look forward to your next vacation here.

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Friday, December 28, 2012 11:30:00 AM
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Christmas Eve Dinner Party  

Coco Beach Christmas Eve dinner party was held at Carabao Garden. This special celebration was attended by Filipino guests  and foreign guests who came from Denmark, Germany, France, Norway, and South Africa.

After having cocktails and pica-pica by the beach, guests proceeded to Carabao Garden and appetizers were served to them.

At seven- fifteen, everyone was entertained by Puerto Galera Children Choir under the supervision of Coco Band member Julie.

Guests savored on excellent dishes prepared by Chef Malek and his crew which includes Grilled fish fillet in lemon coriander sauce, Beef Medallions in red wine sauce, French tossed buttered vegetables, mashed potato, seafood marinara, chicken-breast in tomatoes basil sauce, fresh fruits and native homemade sweets.

The Nativity or Panuluyan, a traditional play about Jesus Christ birth was portrayed by Gen of Front office as Mama Mary, James as Jose, Nadia as Angel Gabriel and three kings – Welbert, Andrew and John Arlo of dining department.

It was indeed a great night and guest truly enjoyed and satisfied with the arrangement.
To all guests, thank you so much for choosing to celebrate this special day with Coco Beach Family. Until next Christmas!

Friday, December 28, 2012 10:34:00 AM
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A Coco Postcard to Carl and Millone Willand 


Carl and Millone Willand spend their vacation recently at Coco Beach Island Resort for 4 days. The couple stayed in a Banana Deluxe an uphill bungalow with promising view of the ocean for the second time. They became close with most of the staff especially to our in-house artist Marvin. The Coco Beach Family are really thankful that every time they spend their vacation here we could really see how happy and enjoyed they are.
Thursday, December 27, 2012 12:33:00 AM
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