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Coco Beach Volleyball 

Volleyball game which originated in the United States and played all over the world is part of Coco Beach Island Resort’s 101 Activities. It is scheduled every Friday but can be requested any day as long as the Coco Mangyans and Guests agree to play.

One Friday afternoon, a volleyball match between two amazing teams the Coco Mangyans and Guests was held at the beach front. The Mangyan players are Wilbert, James and Willy from dining department, Butch from services and Margarita. Guest players are of Danish nationals whom are Luca, Flemming and Kristoffer, French nationals are Valerie and Melanie and a Dutch national name Teun.



Both teams truly played hard from start but Mangyan players showed their intense determination to win against their opponent. No wonder that they won the match in the best of three games. As dictated in Coco Beach's volleyball game traditional rules, the losing team will pay for a case of beer or soft drinks. At the end of the match, Mangyan players happily shared the beers just like everybody has won.

Friday, July 27, 2012 10:20:00 AM Categories: 101 Activities
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Sabine's Trip & Yoga 

Recently, a German national Sabine von Stamm who is now based in Denmark for 30 years stayed at Coco Beach Island Resort for eight days and seven nights.  She is a midwife and a Yoga teacher in Denmark. It was her sister in-law who had stayed here before who recommended Coco Beach.

Yoga lesson at Heritage Hall

During her stay she was well taken cared of by her service family Angie and Mario in cottage 23A. She finds the staff very friendly and always at the best of their service which one can easily feels at home and further amazed at how everyone here can remember the names of every guest. Also she offered a Yoga lesson to all service Mamas which was held at the Heritage Hall and joined by other guest.

Sabine with the service mama's outing

Sabine went on a snorkeling trip where she enjoyed colorful marine life, kayaking and swimming at the beach. But the most memorable one was the outing with the service mamas. The fun and joy they all shared was truly amazing experiences that she would gladly come back for another holiday.

Thursday, July 26, 2012 8:13:00 AM Categories: Service Family
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Coco Beach’s Surf ‘n’ Turf 

For someone who loves seafood and beef, Chef Noel’s latest version of Surf and Turf dish will suit to your taste. This classic dish pairs two of the most wonderful foods. A light and buttery grilled lobster followed by a bite of tender and juicy steak is a symphony in the mouth. We recommend a nice potato dish, some steamed veggies, and a spirit of Sancerre or Cabernet for perfection.

 Try it now and obey your intense desire for seafood and beef steak.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 6:01:00 AM Categories: Food & Beverage Specials Specials
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Jae Yeon’s Family Getaway 

A group of Korean National headed by Jae Yeon Yi visited Coco Beach Island Resort for the first time. Traveling with him is his wife Yoo Jin Cho, son Sang Jin, daughter Su Jin, brother Jae Hun also with their parents Wansub Yi and Hee Sook Kwon.

The family vacation was planned by Jae Yeon who works in a company here in Manila for almost a year now. After hearing good things from his co-workers experiences who once been at Coco Beach, Jae Yeon decided to book and avail of Coco Beach's promo Buy 2, Get 2 Package with full board meals. They stayed in a family deluxe room with astounding view from their balcony.

On their second day, the family had fun in making sand castle and after dinner they spent time together watching movie at the Coco Cinema while eating freshly cooked popcorn. Most of their time was spent at the resort, simply relaxing at the beach, playing with the waves and swim at the pool.

To Jae Yeon family, thank you for spending your vacation here and see you next time!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012 1:45:00 AM
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Hollerup Family  

It is Hollerup Family's second time around at Coco Beach Island Resort. They first set their foot at Coco Beach way back year 2000 when they booked and bought travel package with C&C Travel in Denmark. Back in Sweden Hakan is managing his own business while wife Cecilia is a lawyer by profession. Hakan and Cecilia decided to come back at Coco Beach together with their grown up children Tina, Nicklas and Patrick, Markus, Julia and Caroline also with their daughter-in-law Helena.


                                                  Hollerup family enjoying banana boat ride                           Enjoying lunch at Tukuran Falls 


Tamaraw Falls and the man made pool adventure  

During their stay the family went on a series of activities which includes diving, snorkeling, beach hopping, banana boat ride, Tukuran Lagoon and Jungle River kayaking. But what really filled their passion for adventure was the thrilling experience during Tukuran Lagoon and River Kayaking trip. It was one of the best adventures they ever had and truly a most memorable one.



Caroline the birthday celebrant together with Cecilia

Caroline celebrates her 18th birthday, before leaving at Coco Beach. As a surprised, the staffs started to sing a birthday song to her and Caroline could not hide the happiness in return.

Hollerup's Family cheerful vacation

According to them, it was truly amazing stay and perfect family vacation in which they stayed in a pristine nature surrounding; having friendly people around and good food. One thing is certain we would definitely come back for another holiday.

To Hollerup Family, Thank you very much and can’t wait to welcome you again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 9:14:00 AM
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