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The Squat Shrimp 

The most common crustacean that you will see around Puerto Galera is the Thor amboinensis also known as the Squat Shrimp.

Squat Shrimp

The Squat Shrimp is very small and can only grow up to four (4) centimeters. It has reddish to brownish red color with white spots around its body and blue line on the edge of the spots. They are normally seen on anemones, soft corals and even on the side of tube worms. They can be seen in pairs or in a group of six (6) to eight (8). They feed on parasites, algae and planktons.

One of the challenges with the squat shrimps is how to take their picture since they will hop around and hide fast specially when you get closer to them.

Photo taken by Ino Garcia Pausanos

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 4:36:00 PM
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Chocolate Factory 

Armed with attitude, hyper-child energy, and the distinct inability to play their instruments, Chocolate Factory became Angeles City's most in demand band of all time, charismatic visionaries who believed the human spirit could transcend the boundaries of blues, jazz,rock and reggae.

Chocolate Factory

As friends in 2007-2008 , singer Anthony, guitarist the Donnie, drummer Khay, and bassist Deney was sponsored to play at Singapore. Landing in Singapore with soaring mix acoustic sounds, CF quickly became a post rock-reggae phenomenon. With growing pains, a reflection of the group's struggles with Band identity, a divided influences, and their impending stardom. These concerns came to a head on a war, for which the group literally jumped over their capabilities to enforce the raw, distorted crackle and pointed textures of heir music. And now, the band continues to sore higher to make a mark on the music industry.




They will performing at the Mystic Shore Beach Party at Coco Beach Island Resort.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 2:17:00 PM
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Milos and Peithi Sklenka Family Bonding 

Couple Milos and Peithi Sklenka with their 2 kids Victor Andres and Gabriella
during their vacation at Coco Beach Island Resort.
 Just like everyone else the family love playing and hanging out in the pool for a relaxing swim.
Milos looks so serious playing chess with activity guide Edwin, it is one of his favorites.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012 12:28:00 AM
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The Urang-utan Crab 

One of the creatures that you can find in almost all the dive site in Puerto Galera is a Achaeus Japonicus also well known for the name Orang-utan Crab.

Achaeus Japonicus also well known for the name Urang-utan Crab.

The Urang-utan Crab is a family of the spider crabs. Its body can grow up to two (2) centimeters. It has long arms which is covered by thick fine hairs. The hair can be red or reddish brown in color. Some sand and other small underwater debris easily attach to its hair and add as a camouflage. They are often seen on Bubble Corals and Honeycomb Corals but not always.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 3:41:00 PM
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Reggae Mistress 

Reggae Mistress the only reggae band in the Philippines fronted by three powerful women harmonized into one. A style all their own aptly called the Mstres Stylee.

Reggae Mistress

Rene "Chong" Tengasantos, and wife Irma "Chang" two of the pioneers of reggae in the Philippines thought of forming a Pinoy sounding reggae band back in 2002. Chong conceptualized the group with women frontliners in mind, a fresh idea in a male-dominated band scene. He was inspired by the I Trees - Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt and Marcia Griffith, back-up vocals of the legend Bob Marley.

The legendary unsurpassed drummer of Reggae Eurasia (the first Pinoy reggae band) - Chong and the blazing Raggae Momma in the country - Chang, is joined by daughter Lady i, and niece Ira on vocals. They are backed-up by young yet seasoned musicians Puto, Eric, Mags, Chox, and Lito. A combination of the young and the veterans harmoniously woven together dishing out one reggae feast after the next.

Reggae Mistress mixes up a deliciously concocted cocktail of genres from rock & roll, blues, soul, jazz and a dash of dancehall and lover's rock putting a reggae relish on top making it a new sound, distinctively Mstres Stylee. The sistahs are really doin' it

Dubbed as the Soul Sisters of Reggae, they bagged the 2007 Reggae Artist of the Year in the 3rd Hiphop Awards & got nominations for Best Word/Alternative category for the song "Kaibigan" in the 20th Awit Awards and Best New Artist" in the 2006 NU107 Rock Awards, Opened acts for: Reggaefest by the Bay with Ziggy Marley 2007 and Black Eyed Peas 2004.

Reggae Mistress hopes to spread the good vibes of their music not only to Pinoys but to the rest of the world.
Staying true to the reggae spirit in One Heart, One Love, One Soul. Roots Rockin' Reggae that's what they call it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 3:17:00 PM
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