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A Coco Postcard to Bob Curteman 

Obet from Dinning Department

Wanting to have a room with mixed of modern and native style of luxury, Bob booked a Heritage room which has a complete facilities, wifi, aircon, television and hot&cold shower which he needs during his out of town holiday. He spent his holiday by taking some photographs which serves as his souvenirs, he joined and played billiards at Barracuda Bar, release stress of his hands and feet by having a reflexology, and went to another beach by Free Boat Ride.

Thursday, September 5, 2013 11:17:00 AM Categories: Coco Postcard
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Wesley Shirocky’s Surprise Vacation 

Wesley and Miracel

An American national, Mr. Wesley surprised his girlfriend by having a vacation at Coco Beach Island Resort. Availing the Coco Beach Express Daily going to the resort, the couple were astonished with the surroundings and setting of Coco Beach with its natural scenery. They went to quite a lot of activities which captivated and amazed them. They booked a trip going to the Tamaraw Falls and subsequently went to Tukuran Lagoon where they experienced to ride on a Carabao Cart. They enjoyed observing and feeding the different species of fish from three beautiful beaches on their snorkeling and Island Hopping tour. They Traveled to Talipanan and Looked at marvelous view of Puerto Galera and its surroundings by zip line in Ponderosa Golf and Country Club. They went to Sabang for a night life experience. And while having their lunch and dinner they shared some thoughts and happy moments with our friendly dining staffs. Before ending their holiday they also joined the BBQ party at the Carabao Restaurant. On the next morning they dropped by at Behiya Salon and Spa to  get a soothing massage. They also bought Coconut and Mangyan products at the Shopping Arcade. The couple are planning to be back next year and we are looking forward for your second visit.

Thank you for spending your relaxing stay with us!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 11:16:00 AM Categories: Guests
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A Coco Postcard to Marlene Schou 

Joanne from Front Office Department

While Coco Beach offers an amenities and facilities to make you satisfy we also want your holiday fun and unforgettable like Marlene who enjoys each day of her stay at the resort. She’s been into diving which she experience the underwater exploration. Before going up for a party night at Barracuda Bar they watched and bet for our one of its kind race of the Frogs. Relax by the body massage using a natural ingredients and techniques and notice your body as its glow. With their exhilarating activities all they want to do is to satisfy their stomach by having great meals so they tried all the four restaurants during their stay and choose from the menu what they want for dine in.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 11:13:00 AM Categories: Coco Postcard
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A Coco Postcard to Jan Larsen 


Kerwyn from Dinning Department

Jan escapade in the Philippines through the help of C&C Travel was full of exciting activities.  He showed his diving skills and dive in to the best dive sites in Puerto Galera. Titivate himself is as easy as going to Behiya Salon and let the beautician handle the details he wants. Delight in the Italian taste of pizzas with our own version of different toppings at Trattoria Sotto Le Stelle and caught the flavor of delicious foods in Coco Grill near the Silent Pool. They had a fine dining at Doña Lina Revolving Restaurant. They bet in a unique frog race arranged by the Bartenders.

Monday, September 2, 2013 11:04:00 AM Categories: Coco Postcard
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A Coco Postcard to Tom Burrage 

Erwin, Rosie and Jemuel from the Dinning Department

A joyful and lively family went to Coco Beach island Resort to freshen up and take some activities that they want to experience. The family travel around Puerto Galera, they took some pictures in Tamaraw Falls and enjoy the natural setting of the place and then after, they see the sights at White Beach by riding Hummer Jeepney. They bond together by joining the Free Boat Ride which the resort offers everyday every 9:30 to 11:45 in the morning which goes to another beautiful island beach. Considering the beauty underwater they did snorkeling tour to observe the copiousness of marine life. The family is so friendly and before leaving, each member gains more friends in the resort and they promise to come back. See you again on your next visit!

Sunday, September 1, 2013 4:44:00 PM Categories: Coco Postcard
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