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Seung Chan Kim 40th birthday 

A Korean national  who’s been here in the Philippines for a long time, celebrated his 40th birthday!, together with his Filipino friends. They found out the resort with the help of his friend Kevin Kang who tried to look for a fastidious place to celebrate his birthday. They booked 3 classic bungalows for 3 days and 2 nights, where they can enjoy the sea breeze and the beauty of the ocean at their balcony.  They were astonished, by the beauty of different coastal areas, while having a free boat that is going on 1 place  where they can enjoy snorkeling and swimming for 2 hours.

As a part of his birthday bash, they been to Coco Grill and his friends stunned him with a delectable cake while our in house band playing a birthday song. According to him it was a wonderful stay.

Thank you for choosing Coco Beach.

Monday, October 21, 2013 10:52:00 AM Categories: Coco Blog
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United Colors of Coco Beach 

Games, activities and bonding, is full of fun. When Coco Beach Island Resort celebrated "Employee's Day" last 18th of September 2013. The event was themed "United Colors of Coco Beach". Coco Beach Family were excited as they waited for this event to come. The first part of the event was held at the basketball court, were a prayer and inspirational message by Ma'am Connie. The Coco Family was divided in to four teams. Yellow, Blue, Green and Red. Each team started with cheering, so they can prepare themselves for the upcoming games. Each games helps them to improve communication and teamwork with fun and style.

            First game is Hula-Hoop Relay. Each team formed a connected line and pass the hula-hoop. Next game is pass the Hollen or Marble. Teams will pass the hollen (marbles) to their teammates by using bamboo sticks only. Then the Wood Relay, five members on each teams, and they have to move the wood by their feet.

            Afternoon Games is adrenalin rush, as effort was exerted  with Marshmallow Relay, Catch the Tail, Pool Relay and Obstacle Race. Coco Family built a strong bond after this event. The games made a tighter relationships with each other and understand. After all the games. Ms. Liezel, a Zumba instructress leads everybody at the beach. As the Coco Family danced to the beat with Zumba.

              The Party started at seven in the evening. Everybody was dancing and singing with the Coco Band. The night had tons of fun, awards from the games, and more dancing and singing.   "Happy Employee's Day"

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 10:37:00 AM Categories: Coco Blog
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Karin and Tommy’s Adventure 

Fifty years old Karin Thorup and 52 years old Tommy Christensen visited Coco Beach Island Resort for the first time and stayed two weeks at Hilltop Cottage with an overlooking view of the sea from their balcony. According to them they were outside the church when a recruiter came up and showed them different places in Asia where they could spend summer vacation. They have chosen Philippines among other destinations and searched over the internet for a possible place in the Philippines and found Coco Beach.


Prior to their arrival Karin and Tommy has made an itinerary on what to do once they get to Coco Beach. Their first activity was the tour around the resort with Service Mama Jessica to get familiarized with the Coco Beach’s facilities.

On their second day, the couple spent whole day on a Beach Hopping Tour and Fishing Trip. They enjoyed swimming and lazing at the beach under the sun. They also caught some fishes with the help of the boatmen which they had for lunch aside from the hearty food that our cooks prepared for them.

The next day they went on a Biking trip with guide Edwin. The biking gave them a nice feeling of the wind and the sun touches their faces on their way to the famous Tamaraw Falls.

For more adventure the couple went on a Trekking trip to Mount Baclayan with Edwin where the couple stayed for a night. The next day they headed to Bulabod Beach for a relaxing dip in the sea.

Not only that the couple have also rented the glass bottom boat ride to explore the beauty and colorful marine life with out getting wet.
Karin and Tommy shared that they truly enjoyed their stay and would love to come back with the whole family.

Monday, April 23, 2012 1:37:00 PM Categories: Coco Blog
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