Chantal Jimenez's Story 

Our family trip to Coco Beach was our first family outing to Puerto Galera. We travelled to Coco Beach at the height of a typhoon. We were allowed to travel at the Batangas City Pier (yipee!) We are thankful that we arrived safely at Coco Beach despite the very bad weather.  Tatay, Nanay and I were welcomed with warm smiles, refreshing drinks and given our own beautiful shell necklaces (which I kept as a souvenir). We really thought we would get bored since the typhoon did not allow some resort activities including WiFi access. My Nanay gave me the resort’s list of “101 Things To Do,” and we all were able to choose different activities that kept us occupied during our stay.

We got to swim in both pools. We spent hours walking around the resort while my Tatay was teaching me about the different kinds of tress, plants and birds. There were so many I couldn’t remember all of them. My Nanay taught me how to play Backgammon, which I was able to borrow from the nice lady at the Activity Center. it was my first time to play the game. Nanay and I also joined the Zumba session. Tatay was able to buy a beautiful kalabaw souvenir while Nanay bought postcards at the shop. In between all of the activities we did, we got to eat (yey!)…which was one of my favourite things to do at Coco Beach. My parent’s ordered from the Kid Menu for me (yum!).

We all had so much fun. We all had our “favourite” Coco Beach experience. My Tatay loved seeing green everywhere, since he is a big nature lover. My Nanay loved the room, she said she liked that she was able to sleep despite the bad weather. Me, I loved being with my Tatay and Nanay on a vacation. I will remember this vacation always because despite the very bad weather, the friendly people at Coco Beach made our stay safe, fun and comfortable. Thank you Coco Beach.

Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:52:00 AM

Krystal Padua's Story 



Coco Beach stood out among the places I’ve been to. Not because of anything flashy but because of the small things rolled into one great experience when we went to the Malasimbo Festival in March.

First impressions count. Cathy and PJ were so friendly and efficient, inspiring confidence for first timers like us. Their transport service was also on the dot! A good sign that timeliness was valued.

 The moment we set foot –literally—in Coco Beach, we knew we went to the right place.

We were received very warmly with singing and leis, something we haven’t experienced elsewhere. It was a delight! Having booked a promo deal, not once were we made to feel that we were lesser guests. This is something I value a lot, having experienced mediocre services extended to ‘discounted deals’ before.

We stayed in a charming hilltop hut. The view was mesmerizing, was very much worth the climb! Staying on a hammock, eye-level with the tall coconut trees, with the cool breeze, overlooking the beach – it makes you dream of freezing the moment and taking it home. It also makes you wish it rains—just so you have an excuse to stay inside.  

It was noticeable that they did not commercialize the place. There was so much pride in how the resort was built and maintained without compromising nature.

We only stayed for three nights but it was enough to disconnect and commune again with nature, practicing the art of nothing. Exactly what we needed.

I work in the hospitality industry. I’ve to say I’ve met some of the best waiters in Coco Beach. It was not the technical skill, but what caught my attention was their congeniality. They were so genuine and engaging that it felt like they were friends, not employees. I was touched when Gina even gave me raisin bread as ‘baon’ as we were leaving. Touching.

They also have indoor activities —I loved the zumba by the beach! I hadn’t even left yet, but I decided I will come back (which I did the following month!)

Lastly, in Manila, their driver has displayed extreme honesty when he returned the camera that I forgot in their van.

I can list many more things, but long story short, Coco Beach is a hidden gem. A paradise made of great nature, great people with great collective values.

I’ll come back!


Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:51:00 AM

Story of Aiza and Vanessa 

Ven: Back in college, Aiza and I had one of the deepest friendships I have ever had.

Aiza: After graduation, adult life kicked in. We focused on what we thought of as important - building our careers and getting life tasks done. For seven years, we would meet during rare get-together with friends.

Ven: ... but the connection was never like how it was in college. Although it did not bother me, it was easy to think that maybe friendships exist only in specific phases of one’s life.

Aiza: As if the universe felt we should have that much-needed reunion, Ven sent me a message, suggesting that we take a vacation. I agreed. We packed our bags, left our worries in the city, and, on the sunny day of April 30, 2014, arrived in Coco Beach.

Ven: For two mornings, I woke up early and stayed on the hammock in the balcony of Hilltop Suite. There, I relished in the silence and slowness that I do not experience in Metro Manila. It was two days of unhurried breakfast, good acoustic music over countless stories, and activities that range from as simple as macaroon baking to as extreme as Pick Your Coconut Challenge.

Aiza: Beyond good food and amusing activities, we spent three days and two nights talking about our joys and woes, our dreams and fears. Our conversations were endless, as if we were making up for the lost time.

Spending time with Ven, after not seeing her for a long time, did not feel odd. Our interactions felt natural. We grew a bit older and gained more grit, but we still laughed at each other’s jokes and understood where one is coming from, just like in college.

I would like to think of our friendship as low maintenance and resilient. It does not take much to keep it alive. Just like what Christy Evans said, “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.”

Ven: Short it might have been, that trip allowed us to nurture our friendship, a relationship that I would like to cherish through the years. I realized that a friend does not always have to play a significant role in everything that happens in my life. It is enough that she occupies a special place in my heart and owns it like nobody else can. 


Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:50:00 AM

Angelica Mariano's Story 

I'm Angelica Mariano and here is my Coco Beach story...
It was year 2005 when I first fall in love with Coco Beach Island Resort.  
After college graduation, my Grandfather surprised me and my boyfriend for a trip for 3 days and 2 nights at Coco Beach. I remember clearly that I was called for an interview with one company that I applied for. But I told them that I have a vacation trip on May 26, 2005 (same day of the scheduled interview) to celebrate one of the biggest achievements in my life during that time. Anyways, I'm glad I did not pass on this once in a lifetime chance to discover how beautiful the island is. The rest is what they say-a history.
After enjoying our blissful stay that year, I promise myself that we'll be back the next year. And so we did. It's been a tradition ever since. The beautiful white sand and crystal clear water is mesmerizing. The staff and everyone is just so accommodating that we feel we truly belong. I love the peaceful feeling that we have when we're there. Away from the stressful, noisy polluted and hustle living in the city. We find peace and serenity. We love going out on the beach during night time and relax on the chaise to watch the stars and hear the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the beach. It's a beautiful music to my ears. The next day, a new adventure awaits. After the sumptuous buffet breakfast, we rest and go boat riding for island hoping. We discover a lot of beautiful small pieces of islands surrounding the place. I even remember that there was a year when we only booked for 2 nights but ended up extending for 2 more nights. That was May 21-25 year 2008. Deluxe room number 71 has always been our favorite room too. It's strategically located in the middle part of the hill overlooking the beautiful beach and surrounded by marvelous tall trees. The hammock in the balcony is such a sweet treat too. I think a whole week is just not enough to discover the island's true beauty.
After 5 years, May14-16, 2010, my husband and I decided to go back in the island with our little Zhilo. She loved the beach just like Mom and Dad. She loves the adventure during the day and the peaceful moment we had during the afternoon at the silent pool. It's been an amazing journey for me and I am proud to say that Coco Beach Island Resort has played a beautiful part in my life every year. I hope to visit real soon with my beautiful family!
One thing is for sure... and because this island brought me so much memories that I will treasure forever, for me it's the best island resort in the Philippines! Will always promote you wherever I go.
Thank you Coco Beach for the chance! 
All the best,
Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:49:00 AM

Roselle Geronimo's Story 

Can I just tell you random things that I did/observed in coco beach instead? Read on! ☺
1. Let’s start with the commute. It was my first time to ride a boat and I really hate deep and large bodies of water! For the first 20 minutes I was very relaxed. I even removed my life jacket because nobody in the boat wears it. Later, the waves became bigger and the boat swayed like mad and I got very dizzy! I was praying really hard that it would end, eyes closed, curled up and I was so embarrassing! My boyfriend even talked about the activities that we will do once we get there like snorkeling, kayaking, and I GOT MAD because he does it in purpose ‘cause he knows I don’t know how to swim! ☹ So thanks, Nico, for making me feel better in the middle of a 3000 ft. ocean ☺ *Sarcastic tone*
2. We booked a hilltop room so that means we need to climb almost a hundred steps! Yes, a hundred! (I think?) So that means stairs..
Stairs…. (let me rest for a bit)
and more stairs.. (panting but 1000 calories burned!)
3. It got more perfect when I saw this! This is every bookworm’s dream! Coco beach, you are so full of surprises! 
I didn’t bring any book but that doesn’t stop me from experiencing it!! Good thing I have my phone! Can I just stay here forever?
4. It’s funny that everything in Coco Beach is made of Coconut. And I mean it when I said “everything”. They have mosquito repellants, shampoo, soap, conditioner, candy treats (free), all made of coconut!
And the food… I like the smell of the shampoo and the soap (smells delicious!) so I had to know how it’s done! Thanks to their 101 activities, teaching you how to make it is one of them ☺
5. I had to admit it, Coco Beach, we spent a lot during the stay so I had to make the most out of it through your BUFFET BREAKFAST! Hahaha! This is me after 5 helpings of almost everything in the buffet table because the food was very good. ☺ And don’t blame us! Remember we need to walk a hundred steps to get to our room???
Everything in our stay was perfect and I didn’t know what we did to deserve this kind of vacation but I’d be happy to experience it again. The whole trip was scary (because of the commute, crows, insects, of course it’s nature) and fun at the same time. ☺ 
Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:47:00 AM

One amazing day at Coco – 2014 

Kisser Franciska
My daughter and I have traveled around the world. And we have been to exotic places like Africa and the Caribbean. But when we sat food on the beach of Coco, we both felt a whole new feeling, home away from home. A paradise in both nature, people, food and experience. We felt welcome in a heart beat. The staff, took us “by the heart” and help us get settled in. You know when your at Coco, your on Holliday because they do everything to make you feel great. You feel the love immediately. I now share the first 24 hours of our stay.
We first had half a day alone waiting for more friends to arrive. We went on a little adventure, at the Coco ground and we climbed the jungle and found a lot of great places, we view the beach and the sea. The ground around Coco is full of exiting places, jungle, play grounds, suspension bridge, restaurants, dive center and more. We fell in love in the dive center, where we sad for a very long time looking, at the cute little turtles, that thy foster there. The amazing story about, what a great job they do there, for the turtles, we were told by the guy there. A great day ending, with happy hour and a great dinner. One other thing that is great at Coco, is the food and the sizzling dishes are my daughter’s favorite, together with the chocolate shake.
The next morning we where tiered, so our sweet service family bring up the breakfast to the cabin. You see, that is top service and it beats all, to sit on the cabin deck, and watch the sun rise and enjoy the great breakfast. It doesn’t get any better than that.
When our friends arrived we vent on one of the free boat tours that you can take from the beach, each morning and we ended up on a remote beach where we snorkeled and saw the most amazing corrals and fish.
The boat took us to another beach where we went for a walk to se some caves. A great day, that ended with me buying the most beautiful pearls, to an absolutely great prize. That’s life at Coco – and in addition to that you have the rest of the great island of Mindoro to explore.
Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:40:00 AM

I´m in love – in love with Coco Beach 

Rikke Cumberland
From the moment I put my feet in the sand at Coco Beach after the beautiful trip from Batangas, I feel relaxed, at peace and very happy.
Coco Beach has it all. Its a place with beautiful surroundings, fantastic staff there always have a big smile for you and thet so everything they can to give You the best vaccation ever, romantic cottages with the best view and great fresh and delicious food.  
I have visit Coco Beach 10 times - in Marts 2015 I had my parents with me They are also in love with Coco Beach and we will all be back Marts 2016.
I hope you are ready for more yogatime.
Love Rikke (Denmark)
Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:39:00 AM

Thea Saligan's Story 

I stayed at Coco beach last May 2015 (May 16-18) with my lifetime partner to celebrate our 6th year anniversary. It was my first time in Puerto Galera and I can say that staying for 3 days in Coco beach was a blast. It's a total relaxation and nature experience, the feeling on just listening on the waves while lying on the hammock was awesome. The people esp. our service family was indeed accomodating. The buffet breakfast was superb 👍. The activites were all fun although we weren't able to do all since it's just a few days, but all in all the experience is unforgettable :) looking forward to go back in this paradise 👍👍👍
Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:39:00 AM

Bev Alapan's Coco Story 

My Coco Beach Story

We're thinking of getting away and escaping a tropical island paradise then we've found a perfect place. The Coco Beach Island Resort, Puerto Galera.

It was November 2013 when my boyfriend and I have decided to go on a vacation before the year ends. So I being the most "lakwachera" extensively search for a resort where we can stay over night. I'm just extremely glad I chanced upon Coco Beach Island Resort in Puerto Galera. After reading reviews, research and blogs about the resort finally we both aggreed to give it a try.

Novermber 16-17 2013 was booked for a deluxe room overnight stay with transfer on a regular package.

We didn't wait that much after 30 minutes upon arrival at the booking office. We left for the port where private boats are waiting. It took us 3-4 hours travel time from Manila to Batangas and about 2 hours boat ride from Batangas to Coco Beach.

As soon as we arrived, the staff welcomed us gave us refreshment and nice shell necklaces. The ambiance of the resort was peaceful. The bamboo house and the facilities were all made from natural materials and lots of coconut tress and other plants surrounded the resort. Every employee/staff was warm and very accommodating.

Since the location is isolated, there's no cellphone coverage in the resort at some place where we stayed. Thank God for that because our phone and the internet had no power over us!! We are FREE!!!!!

First thing we did upon arriving at the resort is off course to find where our room is located, it was really tiring since it was kinda at the uppermost part but all the sweat was worth it because our room was overlooking the ocean. I felt the vintage vibe too because all the furniture were native, even the cloth hanger. They also provided a native bag (bayong) for us to put our things in during our stay. And everytime we would like to have our room cleaned, there this string to be pulled to have a staff attend our needs. We were not hesitant on asking because they were so much accommodating..

Since everything was pre arranged, the foods are prepared a head on a buffet with soothing sound. I really appreciated the staffs attentiveness and thoughtfulness. As soon as i checked my phone the lady staff approached me and offered their complimentary wifi access password. Awesome! This kind of service always makes a difference. I can post the most instagrammanle photos we've had!:) So there we had our lunch, the food were great. The buffet lunch they served us was more than we expected. Actually the servings were generous and we didn't consume even half of the food.

The golden rule: always make room for the dessert..^_^

After we had lunch we went to our room to change into our swimming attires for our island hoping activity that afternoon, but too bad when we went out, we found out its not yet time for d complementary island hopping which is for free. So a boatman offered a package for the island hoping

but was too expensive for the both of us. But who cares were already there who knows when we can ever go back again. The island hopping includes the underwater cave, giant clamps snorkeling, fish feeding, sea orchins encounter and free taste! Hahah


If there's one activity i coudn't forget on this trip it is the time were in we were on the 2nd snorkling area and the boatman told us to hold onto the rope place at the side of the boat. It will run slowly and all we have to do is to hold on tight on the rope and experience what was underneath and that was priceless..:)

After e had our island hopping activities, we headed back to the resort to have some snack/meryenda and to just enjoy the beach and the pool of the resort to compensate with the tiredness we have had..:)the beach front was calm, quiet, cleaned, maintained and uncrowded


Traveling gives us freedom, albeit temporarily and with freedom comes the chance to do what we really want to do, say what we want to say, be who we want to be. Because of this fleeting moments we are no longer bound by our jobs, by the city traffic, by our early work schedules, our selfish bosses and many others. Traveling strips us of the things that makes us angry, frustrated, irritated, unhappy. Traveling separates us from the things the keep us from being us. I think therefore traveling together is good, if not the best way to truly get to know a person. To see him in a light free from the shadows of his surrounding.

Coco Beach was beautiful, it was magnificent.
You would expect that a place this magnificent would be flocked by squad of eager tourist on a weekend but we seem to have the entire ocean and every island to ourselves.

It was a good decision to not have opted for the nearby tourist destination that would've been cheaper and far more convenient to reach, we told ourselves. It was well worth every peso. We came to the right place.

Beverly N. Alapan 


Saturday, December 12, 2015 11:47:00 PM

Mars Mercado's Coco Story 

In a world that is going fast, we forget the important things. We sometimes forget to relax and enjoy life. But we have to take a moment, step away from the busy work and regain our energy.
I was fascinated with COCO BEACH. It was like a paradise-- very relaxing and so serene. I am a teacher and a writer. Even though I am busy with my work, I still believe that that Earth is meant for exploring. I believe that the world is best felt under bare feet. Walking along the shore makes me feel so alive! The ocean calms my restless soul. It's like it's telling me: This is life. Feel it all.
I've never expected that Coco Beach can give me an awesome feeling. An amazing feeling! I love the bed and the food. The staff were all accommodating. I love everything about Coco Beach! This is the best resort I've gone so far! When I uploaded my pictures taken at Coco Beach, friends were asking how to go there.
I highly recommend this place if you want peace of mind. The atmosphere also ignites your passion and creativity. In fact, I was able to write my poems during my visit at Coco Beach and those poems were published in CCP literary journal.
Sometimes all it takes is a small, quiet moment and I was grateful I took the trip to Mindoro last September 15, 2013 and chose Coco Beach as a place where to stay. I would love to go back to Coco Beach and I hope that I will be chosen as one of the winners in your contest. 
HAPPY 29th Anniversary, Coco Beach. More power and God bless!
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 7:44:00 PM
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