John Paul's Coco Story 

My name is John Paul and I’m from Pampanga. Here is our unforgettable Coco Beach Story.
My Wife and I got married on December 28, 2014. Our wedding, as we used to joke about it, was 5 years in-the-making. My wife was the first among her sisters to have a boyfriend, but she was the last one to walk the aisle.
You can just imagine how we anticipated our wedding day, and how excited we are with our honeymoon. The wedding was great and, indeed, very special. But just a few days after, we found out we were defrauded by a person we trusted. He ran away with our money, leaving us with almost nothing to start with our married life.
We almost lost interest in pursuing our honeymoon plans. It was a devastating event in our lives, considering we were supposed to be overjoyed because we just got married. I told myself I can’t allow this thing to stop us from being happy. I went online in search for honeymoon destinations that we can afford at the time. I was actually not expecting to find something extraordinary for our budget, but I was wrong.
Thank God, I stumbled upon Coco Beach’s website and Facebook page. Seeing the beautiful photos, I told myself, “this is what we needed!” Once again, my wife and I got excited about something. We couldn’t wait to go! I don’t know if you can call the next series of events coincidences. As for me, I call it “newlyweds’ luck!”
The time I saw Coco Beach on the web, they were having 30% discount for bookings starting January 14 to 20, 2015. I immediately grabbed this offer and booked our stay for January 15-17 (3 days, 2 nights).
We woke up early in the morning of the 15th, packed our bags and went on our way. We anticipated heavy traffic in Manila. Ironically, we enjoyed the travel and reached Batangas Pier around 9:00AM. We couldn’t hide our excitement, particularly when we’re on the boat bound to Coco Beach. We could already see it from afar and it was really more than what we expected! Wow, the place was really like an undiscovered paradise! The people were all very friendly and they greeted us with so much warmth that we felt like VIPs!
My wife and I enjoyed the experience so much! Every corner of the island is picture perfect! Breakfast buffet was something to look forward to. The food was really amazing! The view from our room is something we could only Google. The sight of the beach and the pool in sunset was marvelous! We spent the next two days enjoying the experience, the food, the people, and the magnificent scenery!
The morning of our departure, we noticed how cloudy it was, although we didn’t really worry about it. We had a wonderful breakfast and packed our bags and ready to go. When we were checking out, the receptionist informed us there was a storm warning signal and boats trip are not allowed until the signal is lifted. We were upset by this news, not because we couldn’t go home that day. In fact, we really wished we could stay longer. We were worried because we knew we couldn’t afford to extend our vacation.
Imagine our relief when the receptionist informed us that we won’t have to pay for the days we need to extend. Our wish to stay longer was just granted… and it’s for free! We were really lucky to see Coco Beach under the sun. But being in it through the rainy and windy weather was really something! It was not fear that overwhelmed us; it was more like a different level of amazement to see this paradise on a rainy day.
The following day, the weather was better, but the storm signal was still in effect. We were swimming in the pool when a Coco Beach employee approached us. We got nervous, thinking this might be about our extended stay. As it turned out, they will be shooting a promotional video of Coco Beach that day, and it will be published on their website and in Facebook. The guy is inviting us to be a part of the video and play the part of a couple dining in their revolving restaurant. “How lucky are we?” I told my wife. Of course we gladly accepted the invitation! It was a wonderful experience to dine in the revolving restaurant, be a part of the video, and share the full course meal with my wife. And again, it’s for free!
Let me also tell you how kind and friendly the people were. The day we were supposed to check out, it was a Saturday. One concern we had was, we had to attend worship service the next morning. Problem was, I was not bringing church-appropriate clothes and shoes with me, since we thought we’ll be home by Saturday. One employee, by the name of Kuya Efren, overheard us and offered to lend me clothes and shoes so I could attend the worship service in the nearby island. He even met us in the Chapel bringing the clothes. He was very ashamed of his clothes and shoes. He had no idea how thankful I was he was there to offer help.
We stayed in Coco Beach for a total of 5 days and 3 nights. If I were to rate my Coco Beach experience, I couldn’t. It was really extraordinary to put a number to it. My wife and I made friends in this wonderful island. No wonder many tourists, expats and locals alike, choose Coco Beach, it’s the world-class service that sets you apart from the rest.
For my wife and I, our Coco Beach adventure was our “rainbow after the rain,” and the “silver lining in our clouds.” Up to these days, Coco Beach still comes up in our conversation. We always dreamt of coming back.
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 7:14:00 PM

Erika Crisostomo's Coco Story 

We booked for a standard room on August 13-15 because we just wanted to relax and spend time with each other, and we thought that Coco Beach would be the perfect place for that. True enough, the place was a paradise and breathtaking. It was quiet and secluded but not boring. It suggested tons of things to do and places to explore. It made us appreciate nature more and how great our God is for creating this kind of masterpiece. Trees and flowers were everywhere! Food served from day one til our last day was great and ambiance was very peaceful and relaxing. It was rainy season but the weather was perfect. The room we stayed in was not airconditioned but all worth it because it made us experience the old way of life. The attendants and service family we had were very accommodating and polite. 
Coco beach will always have a special place in my heart beacuse this is where my then boyfriend, now fiance, asked me to be his wife. The resort arranged everything for us (from its office in Manila to the resort proper) including the romantic dinner by the beach that my fiance requested. The resort staffs were very helpful when my fiance asked for their help regarding the planned proposal. He requested for a dinner setup by the beach and Coco Beach did not fail him. The dinner that was set up was amazing! It was not that extravagant but we felt the sincerity of the people who made the dinner possible. The band even came over the beach area and serenaded us while having our dinner. Almost everyone that night was congratulating us as if they were a family member. 
We did not expect that our stay would be that memorable. It was different from the vacation spots we've been to because it made us want to stay longer. We felt connected not only to the beauty of nature but to each other as well. It became a tool for us to reflect and plan for our future as husband and wife.
Now, my fiance is away working in Dubai but we plan to go back with our families  when he gets back in Manila. Thank you Coco Beach for being part of our lives! A job very well done!
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 6:51:00 PM

Kenneth Rose Ranque's Coco Story 

I would just like to share how much we had fun during our short vacation at Coco Beach Resort in Puerto Galera, starting from the banca travel to private island of coco beach, fabulous accommodation, mouth watering food,amazing full moon party and most of all the excellent customer service the resort staff have shown us.
It was indeed one of the best vacation me and my friends had, we have bonded and had a wonderful time together, i could share a hundred pictures of us while we are there (if only its allowed 😂) during our island tour, snorkeling and beach bumming. We give it 2 thumbs up for the wonderful memory...
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 6:44:00 PM

Daisy Belara's Coco Story 

After a several visits my partner decides to moved here in Puerto Galera last June 20, 2013 since then we keep exploring on the island. Last November 16-17, 2014 when a friend from Norway visited us we spent our overnight weekend at Coco beach island resort. While checking in they also inform us about the new moon barbecue partythat they have that night so we got registered. After a long day of swimming... sight seeing... photo shoot were getting ready for the party.
Exactly 7pm we go down to the pool side and sitted to the table assigned to us. Some guest are coming too and ready for the party. When food are ready we got some and started to eat & drinks too. My partner Rolf is sitting on my right side while were busy on eating, Ouch! my partner said... a fruit from Talisay tree fell directly on his head, we thought its only one but it keep on falling and its hurtimg him so he grabbed the tray from the waiter then hen putted it on the top of his head. People keeps on laughing cause everybody witness how the fruits from the tree keeps on falling. Waiter move out our table on the other side then we foumd out it was a big bat eating the fruits up on Talisay tree.
It's really was fun and good memories to remember... now every time we pass by and heard name "Coco beach island resort" its brings a big smiles on our lips... a place called paradise... a good staff... excellent services... and a wonderful place to be.. looking forward to see you guys again.
More Power!
Happy Anniversary!
Daisy Belara & Rolf Terje Solberg
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 6:41:00 PM

Janey Lumbres's Coco Story 

Our story is not unique as others but it was the most precious moment for our family because it’s the first time that we go out of town together.
My parents are not rich, my father is a salesman and my mother is a plain housewife. They are blessed with 6 children and I being the eldest. Before we can’t afford to travel together or eat on a fancy restaurant because my parents don’t have money. My parents work hard for us to go to school and with God’s grace we are all finish our college degree.  
So now it’s payback time for my parents for all their hardworks and sacrifices to us. My sister Liz surprise my parents that we are going out of town. We went to Coco Beach last March 28 to 30, 2015.  When they saw the resort they fell in love immediately . I saw the joy in their eyes for the first time. It’s such a different feeling to see your parents and the whole family happy. The 3 days and 2 nights we spent in Coco Beach was one of the happiest days of my life. We eat, swim, snorkeling and go island hopping and my father and mother never failed to mention “Nak ang sarap dito, balik tayo ha”. And I said, “Sige po magiipon ulit kami”. They also praise the service and the staff. They are excellent and great so definitely we will come back to Coco Beach soon J
By the way, this is also the first time I join a contest like this. I can’t help myself not to write and share my story when I saw your post on Facebook.
More Power and God Bless.
Jane Lumbres
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 5:49:00 PM

Coco Beach Story So Far 

Dave & Nina's Coco Beach Story
Sailing on the boat after an hour and a half we could finally see paradise! From the Coco Beach sign greeting us to the friendly locals welcoming us by song n a fresh icy buco juice to cool us down. We had the most amazing 3 days where we relaxed by the pool drinking cocktails n mango shakes, hired a hummer jeep for the day n went swimming in majestic lagoons by waterfalls only accessible by Kallibaw! Snorkeling in Puerto Galera n seeing the most amazing corals n fish.
The special dinner by the beach was the highlight where we took a sunset cruise followed by a romantic private dinner on the beach served by Arvin who helped coordinate everything when I asked Nina to marry me! It was such a surprise when I pulled the cloth by our table away n reveal the shells spelling out will you marry me?!  It was so special and recommend coco beach to everyone. We would love to have our honeymoon at Coco Beach! Thanks so much guys!
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 1:58:00 PM

"Love stories start in Coco Beach" 

George Esguerra's Story
Summer of 2007, when I first visited Coco Beach with my then girlfriend Priscilla. It was our first solo trip together, and I still remember the exciting moment we were riding the boat upon arrival to catch the first glimpse of those beautiful hillside huts and that huge Coco Beach sign on shore! We knew right away it was going to be an awesome vacation, which was made more special by our very warm service family who lived beside our hut and fostered us like their own. 
That long weekend though was too short for the 101 activities in store for everyone, but our favorites were the Glass-bottom boat, Darts and Billiards, Painting lessons, and those Silly Games with the bartenders during Happy Hour! Of course it's a given that the beach and surrounding sceneries were awesome, and sunsets were glorious.
It was also my first diving experience as the cool guys at Coco Divers took me to Coral Garden for my PADI Discover Scuba intro dive! I was absolutely mesmerized by the abundant marine life (after all, it's in the center of the Coral Triangle which is the world's center of marine biodiversity... center of the center, super awesome right?) so until now I always blame Coco Beach for getting me crazy hooked on diving. :)
Fast forward to 2015, Priscilla and I are now married and happy, and I am now a PADI Rescue Diver. So you see, love stories start in Coco Beach!!! Cheers!
Happy 29th year Coco Beach!
George G. Esguerra
Date of visit: April 2007
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 1:46:00 PM

Ken Aton's Story 

An experience to be memorable sometimes needs not thorough planning and participative weather conditions. This i say based on what my girlfriend and i experienced during our 3rd anniversary celebration as a couple in Cocobeach last august 21-23, 2015.
We had researched about beautiful places to go to for our celebration. They were all suited for our plans. But one place that got attention so much is Cocobeach Island Resort. Apart from the fact that it is just few hours away from metro manila, the rate is really pocket-friendly. So we right away made our decision and that was to go there on dates that fall on long weekend. We were so excited because most of the blogs written about the resort are commending the place. So the experience that we will be having is most likely to be great.
Everthing was set on the day of our vacation. We were able to gather all needed information so we can get there safely and soundly. But the weather seemed to turn its back on us. It was becoming inclement. The excitement was slightly concealed with disappointment. Among all other days, why now? Bagyong INENG became our unwelcome companion. However, we set aside all our emotions and focus ourselves instead to enjoying the rest of the day. After all it was just the two of us. If we wont cheer each other up, nothing will happen. We will surely be devoured by our disppointments.
Despite the odds, we were able to reach cocobeach safely. It was indeed an adventure, A life-threatening one but so memorable at the same time. The best experience really is dictated by how well you see and manage the situation. If you look at the positive side, you will be able to see the sun shining brightly from above.
We may not be able to experience the 101 activities (we are looking forward to experiencing them as we go back) but we did experience the hospitality of the people and the staffs there. Not to mention the free accommodation they gave us during our second night due to cancelled trips going back to batangas. We do appreciate it. Thank you so much. 
There are so much to be commended in the resort. The food, the beach, everything about the resort. They taught us one simple but important lesson in life and that is to live simply even without tvs and gadgets. It's finding peace with yourself and nature.
Thank you and more power!
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 2:35:00 PM

Ann Rhea Nakano's Story 

Me and my husband visited Coco Beach last Jan 6,2013.
When we first arrived at Coco Beach it was raining, medyo upset because of the weather. Even though it was raining the staff of Coco beach welcome us and gave us a welcome us smiling. My husband is japanese so its his 1st time to sleep in kubo or nipahut.
He says that he really like the ambiance and the place itself the beach and all the trees around him is his 1st time. We also try to do different activities like scuba diving island hopping etch. Actually 3 days and 2 nights are not enough. We also gain some friends along the way while we stay at the beach.
It was really memorable for me because its our first time that we travel together, And I also discover that my husband has a romantic side in him. He ask the staff to set a special dinner for me.
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 11:01:00 AM
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