Diving is sweeter the 8th time around 

We Coco Divers at Coco Beach Island Resort often have Divers who keeps coming back because they enjoy the resort for its friendly people and also because of the diving.

Here is Pia and Jann diving with us and exploring one of the three wrecks that you can explore at a dive site called Sabang Wrecks. Pia and Jann have returned to Coco Beach and diving with Coco Divers for the 8th time in the past 7 years.

Ino Garcia Pausanos
Scuba Diving Instructor

Friday, September 7, 2012 1:49:00 AM
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The Tiera Batfish 

One of the common fish that you will encounter at Puerto Galera specially at the dive site called Sabang Wrecks and M/V Alma Jane are the Batfish. There can be a big school of them on this sites and they swim closer to the divers.

One of the family of the batfish, which is a bit hard to find, is theTiera Batfish also known as a Longfin Batfish. This fish can grow up to a maximum length of 60 centimeters. They have long dorsal fin that becomes shorter as they grow older.  They are very peaceful and social fish and can form a school with other fish. Divers can easily swim closer to them without scaring them away, that is how social they can be.

Photo taken by Ino Pausanos

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 10:32:00 PM
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Bread Cones 


Are you a sandwich lover? Even if you are not, here is Coco Beach's home made Bread Cone. A cone shaped bread or a tubular sandwich with different fillings you may choose from such as tuna, chicken, egg or anything you want inside.

It has soft texture with sesame on top and can easily hand held wherever you want to take it, or when you are hanging in the beach front while watching the waves or have it back as your snack when you leave. If you feel like having some, just inform the cook in advance and he will freshly bake it for you.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 1:20:00 PM Categories: Food & Beverage Specials
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8th New Moon Party 

The 8th New Moon Party was held last August 17, 2012 at seven thirty in the evening in the poolside area. A crowd gathered from all over the world like Korea, Philippines, Denmark and others joined the event.

Jeong Lee and the members of the family

Coco Beach's in-house band, Iraya Band as Alvin their vocalist, performed their mixed reggae music together with Art Tactics fire dancers headed by Lexter Navarro and Jarari Escueta who did a splendid performance. Some pica pica options for the night were pork ensalada, mixed nuts, tempura and crudities. While the new moon drinks are weng weng, mindoro glow, gypsy, screwdriver, tequila sunrise, rhumcoke and gintonic.


                                                 Rachel and Mia with their boyfriend                                         Seuli Ku and friend

Everybody enjoyed the party “great show and great event” see you on September 15 for the next New Moon Party always here at Coco Beach Island Resort. Also, the International Clean Up is on that day! Let's clean the coast and underwater of Puerto Galera then party the night away at Coco Beach!

Friday, August 24, 2012 1:13:00 PM Categories: Events Specials
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Vivian and Christian 

It was during an annual jogging event in Denmark where Christian and Vivian first met. Since then they became a couple and enjoys each others company for almost two years now. The couple spent eight nights and nine days at Coco Beach Island Resort. Christian Norup is fund raising manager in Denmark while Vivian is a teacher. They bought this travel package through C&C Travel Denmark.

The couple stayed in the classic deluxe near the beach with hammock in their balcony. Aside from lounging at the pool and relaxing at the beach which they mostly did during their stay, they also availed other treatment and services offered by Behiya Spa & Salon.

According to them this vacation was such a wonderful and memorable one. But for Vivian the most unforgettable was the surprised Romantic Dinner at the beach that Christian secretly arranged. A nice table set–up with flowers, candle lit and own personal waiter attending to their needs the entire evening made it even more special.

Monday, August 20, 2012 8:21:00 AM Categories: Guests
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