Baboy Game with Ivan and Tage Andersen 

Once again staffs gathered in one long table to play the Baboy game with Ivan and Tage Andersen. In this game, the player may earn points after tossing the two rubber pigs as point system depends on their landing position. Engaging in this game brings so much fun and a great bonding moment with everyone.

Winners will get special prizes while the losers usually end up washing the dishes or cleaning-up the beach.

First batch was played by the evening shift, around 32 players joined the game but only 4 were lucky to get prizes. They are Chito from kitchen department, Rodel Lopez from Dining department, Erico Ruben and waiter Arvin.


                                         Evening shift winners                                                                                  Morning shift winners

Twenty eight players from morning shift played the next day. Luca also joined on the second batch of players and added cash prize to the winners. After four rounds winners are Elian, Edwin and Sahlee.

This time no diswashing for the loser but they will play and has to beat Tage in the soccer game next time they are back at Coco Beach Island Resort.

Thursday, August 16, 2012 11:00:00 AM Categories: Guests
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Surprised Anniversary Dinner 

Way back year 2005, Harald and Nimfa Bjorkum had their vacation in Coco Beach Island Resort and for the second time around the couple came along with their three sons Bjorn Espen, Harald Jr. and Haakon Isagani, daughters Agate & Kine and grandchildren.

The couple loves Coco Beach as they call it a small paradise surrounded with different trees and mountains. They occupied one of the cottages in the Sunset area. Sitting on their balcony looking at the nice sea view, watching the birds flying around and palm trees swaying is truly relaxing.

Harald and Nimfa's wedding anniversary dinner at the beach

It was here also where Harald and Nimfa celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. On that evening, their children surprised them with Romantic Dinner at the Beach. They were so happy by the sweet gesture and amazed at how the dinner set–up at the beach.

During their stay, the family went on a free boat ride and snorkeling tour. One thing they would never miss is the Happy Hour every 4pm to 5pm to have their favorite Weng Weng.  They love the food and were satisfied with the service rendered by the staff through out their stay.

To Bjorkum Family, thank you very much and it is a great pleasure having you here.

Monday, August 6, 2012 8:29:00 AM Categories: Guests
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Service Boys Outing 

July 24, 2012 when the Service Boys had their outing at Bulabod Beach accompanied by Elian and Ronnie as the facilitator of the games. Service boys are members of the Service Family who help them clean and attend to the guests needs. You can see them carrying guest luggage’s to their assigned room. Assist the service Mamas in making–up your bed and cleaning up the room.

During their outing they were divided into two teams, Chick Boyz and Cheap Boyz.  They enjoyed the beach relay, tug of–war and beach volleyball games.


Cheap Boyz won the beach volleyball and tug-of–war. They received one thousand pesos as winning prize while the Chick Boyz got five hundred pesos. As seen to their faces, they were all happy and had fun in the outing.

Saturday, August 4, 2012 6:05:00 AM Categories: Service Family
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7th New Moon Party 

The 7th New Moon Party was held last July 18, 2012 and joined by around 50 guests including walk-ins from other resorts nearby. Everyone had a great time drinking, partying and dancing until past mid night.



Aside from Iraya Band who played more reggae music another band named Coupon Band performed that night.  Marvin Manalo-vocalist, Anton Dapitan- Guitar, Vanie Binay – bass guitar and Mar Caguete-drummer are members of the said band for 6 years now. They mostly played variety music. Jayara Escueta and his sister Danica Gonzales of Art Tactics showcased their extra ordinary talent and gave the crowd a blazing performance.


Those who missed this party see you on the next New Moon Party on August 17, 2012 and join us for another great and fun evening.

Friday, August 3, 2012 5:18:00 AM Categories: Events
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Service Mama’s Outing 

All the Service Mamas headed by Angie together with Lalay, Emma, Evelyn, Cherry, Rosalie, Anna, Maribel, Joy, Delia, Gloria and Estella had their outing in Calapan last July 4, 2012. Calapan is the capital city of Oriental Mindoro.

Service mama's jump shot

Coco Beach's in-house nurses Glaiza & Christine and one of the guests Sabine von Stamm also joined the outing. This was a great bonding moment for all the Mamas, to relax and have some fun after a long busy season. Everyone enjoyed the food that each of them brought for lunch while in their whole afternoon was spent on karaoke singing and parlor games.

Mama Ana singing diva

In the absence of the Service Mamas all the work was left to the hands of the Papas. And they are not complaining as they will also have their own picnic after service mamas.

Thursday, August 2, 2012 7:56:00 PM Categories: Service Family
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