Service Boys Outing 

July 24, 2012 when the Service Boys had their outing at Bulabod Beach accompanied by Elian and Ronnie as the facilitator of the games. Service boys are members of the Service Family who help them clean and attend to the guests needs. You can see them carrying guest luggage’s to their assigned room. Assist the service Mamas in making–up your bed and cleaning up the room.

During their outing they were divided into two teams, Chick Boyz and Cheap Boyz.  They enjoyed the beach relay, tug of–war and beach volleyball games.


Cheap Boyz won the beach volleyball and tug-of–war. They received one thousand pesos as winning prize while the Chick Boyz got five hundred pesos. As seen to their faces, they were all happy and had fun in the outing.

Saturday, August 4, 2012 6:05:00 AM Categories: Service Family
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7th New Moon Party 

The 7th New Moon Party was held last July 18, 2012 and joined by around 50 guests including walk-ins from other resorts nearby. Everyone had a great time drinking, partying and dancing until past mid night.



Aside from Iraya Band who played more reggae music another band named Coupon Band performed that night.  Marvin Manalo-vocalist, Anton Dapitan- Guitar, Vanie Binay – bass guitar and Mar Caguete-drummer are members of the said band for 6 years now. They mostly played variety music. Jayara Escueta and his sister Danica Gonzales of Art Tactics showcased their extra ordinary talent and gave the crowd a blazing performance.


Those who missed this party see you on the next New Moon Party on August 17, 2012 and join us for another great and fun evening.

Friday, August 3, 2012 5:18:00 AM Categories: Events
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Service Mama’s Outing 

All the Service Mamas headed by Angie together with Lalay, Emma, Evelyn, Cherry, Rosalie, Anna, Maribel, Joy, Delia, Gloria and Estella had their outing in Calapan last July 4, 2012. Calapan is the capital city of Oriental Mindoro.

Service mama's jump shot

Coco Beach's in-house nurses Glaiza & Christine and one of the guests Sabine von Stamm also joined the outing. This was a great bonding moment for all the Mamas, to relax and have some fun after a long busy season. Everyone enjoyed the food that each of them brought for lunch while in their whole afternoon was spent on karaoke singing and parlor games.

Mama Ana singing diva

In the absence of the Service Mamas all the work was left to the hands of the Papas. And they are not complaining as they will also have their own picnic after service mamas.

Thursday, August 2, 2012 7:56:00 PM Categories: Service Family
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Vinther Hoj Family  

Vinther - Hoj Family spends eleven days at Coco Beach Island Resort. Carsten and Lisbeth with their two sons Lucas and Christoffer is a family of adventurer and thrill seekers. No doubt that they booked a whole week of action-packed activities prior to their arrival at Coco Beach.

These action-packed activities includes hiking up  Mt. Baclayan with mountain guide Edwin, exploring other beautiful places in Puerto Galera via Hummer jeep, snorkeling & fishing where they enjoyed having a close encounter with wonderful underwater creatures, visiting & playing Golf at Ponderosa Golf Club, Paintball and a thrilling driving experience with off-road buggies.




At Coco Beach they had a double birthday celebrations. On July 08, Carsten celebrated his 60th birthday. His two sons surprised him with the help of their service family Emma & Eugene by serving breakfast at their balcony. On the evening the family enjoyed a great dinner at the Doña Lina Revolving Restaurant. A surprise birthday cake was served to Carsten while the Coco Band serenaded him with Happy Birthday song. The next day July 09, Lucas celebrated his 24th birthday. Again the family had breakfast at their balcony while enjoying the view.


It was an amazing and unforgettable vacation. Staff were helpful and friendly, nice place and we had so much fun here. - Vinther Hoj Family

Thursday, August 2, 2012 3:33:00 PM
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Coco Beach Volleyball 

Volleyball game which originated in the United States and played all over the world is part of Coco Beach Island Resort’s 101 Activities. It is scheduled every Friday but can be requested any day as long as the Coco Mangyans and Guests agree to play.

One Friday afternoon, a volleyball match between two amazing teams the Coco Mangyans and Guests was held at the beach front. The Mangyan players are Wilbert, James and Willy from dining department, Butch from services and Margarita. Guest players are of Danish nationals whom are Luca, Flemming and Kristoffer, French nationals are Valerie and Melanie and a Dutch national name Teun.



Both teams truly played hard from start but Mangyan players showed their intense determination to win against their opponent. No wonder that they won the match in the best of three games. As dictated in Coco Beach's volleyball game traditional rules, the losing team will pay for a case of beer or soft drinks. At the end of the match, Mangyan players happily shared the beers just like everybody has won.

Friday, July 27, 2012 10:20:00 AM Categories: 101 Activities
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