Faith Academy Group  

Once again students and Faculty personnel from Faith Academy made up of 76 person headed by Neal Seaborn had their summer outing at Coco Beach Island Resort. They were really amazed at how the staff welcomed them with the song, shell necklace and refreshing Coconut juice.

Faith Academy Group

After getting their keys, everyone headed to their assigned rooms. All the boys stayed in the Super Banana Deluxe with amazing view of the sea while the girls occupied all the Family Deluxe room uphill with a promising view from their balcony.


Most of their stay was spent relaxing at the beach and at the swimming pool just playing in the water and having fun with each other. The next day around 25 students joined the Free Boat Tour to Bayanan Beach for swimming and snorkeling.


And those who were up for a more thrilling experience, they tried the Banana Boat Ride. You can hear from the beach the kids shouting every time the Banana boat was flipped upside-down. A must activity you have to experience while you are here.

Some of the kids enjoyed kayaking and playing basketball with each other.


On Saturday evening, Faith Academy group joined the Fiesta Grande dinner with Coco Band that entertained everyone the entire evening. To everyone's surprise. the girls in the Faith Academy group came to dinner donning  a white dress with matching a flower on their hair that made them look like a  “Diwata” or goddess.

Equally surprising is the resourcefulness and creativity of these lovely young ladies as in the nick of time, they all dressed that way. Wondering why they all have the same dress as if they planned it? It was because they all have the same white linens in the room and turned it to a dress. That’s how brilliant and creative these ladies could be.

Faith Academy with Chef Noel during Fiesta Grande

According to Neal, they enjoyed the night as well as the world class performance delivered by Lahing Batangan Dance troupe. They said that they truly enjoyed their stay and would love to come back next time.

Saturday, June 2, 2012 8:00:00 AM
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Flying Grasshopper  



This summer our crazy Coco bartenders features their own version of the Flying Grasshopper cocktail.  The cool and refreshing taste of this cocktail gives you a floating feeling. This cocktail consists of Vodka, lime juice, green crème de menthe that gives green color and few drops of bailey for a sweeter taste.


Try it now during Happy Hour or while simply lounging at the pool. While at Coco Beach, you can also learn something that might impress your friends. Ask one of our bartenders to teach you this drink and learn first hand the art of mixing drinks.

Friday, June 1, 2012 4:00:00 PM Categories: 101 Activities
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Vinko Gulin and Mary Jane 

Croatian national Vinko Gulin has again visited Coco Beach for the second time with his girlfriend Mary Jane Ramos. They stayed in a Banana Bungalow uphill with a balcony to sit on where they could enjoy the view and  listening to the chirping sound of all the birds hanging around.

Vinko Gulin and Mary Jane Ramos

Vinko maybe a very busy businessman but he made sure that he finds time to relax and enjoy life. Back in Croatia he owns and manages a Red coral jewelry shop and their family has a vast olive farm. As a matter of fact, they have received numerous recognitions and awards for distributing good quality olive oil.

Upon arrival at Coco Beach, the staff welcomed them with a big smile, shell necklace and refreshing drink. In the evening, they celebrated Mary Jane’s  21st birthday. A birthday cake was served that night while the staff headed by dining supervisor Rodel serenaded her with a birthday song. They were glad and appreciated what the staff had done for them.


Jane blowing the candle on her birthday cake

Most of their stay was spent relaxing and simply bumming at the beach while enjoying the cocktails served at happy hour. The couple joined the New Moon Party held at the beach.

With good food, nice place and great staff they will certainly come back for another holiday.

Friday, June 1, 2012 8:00:00 AM
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New Excursion Mindoro Museum, Hidden Paradise, Mangyan Village Tour 

To all adventure seekers, Coco Beach offers a new excursions called the Museum Paradise Village Tour - Mindoro Museum, Hidden Paradise and Mangyan Village Tour. This trip starts from 8:30 in the morning via a 10-minute banca ride to Muelle Port. As soon as we get to Muelle Port we will board a local jeepney that will takes us to Tamaraw Falls.  While stopping at Tamaraw Falls every one can enjoy a nice swim at the man-made swimming pool or simply enjoy the scenic view.


After a short stop at the falls, we will then take again another 50-minute road trip to the Mindoro Heritage Museum at the town of Baco. Inside the Museum are different artifacts and Mangyan products of Mindoro’s 7 tribes.

                                                                                             40 meters mini water falls


                                                                                           Mindoro Heritage Museum

From the Museum, we will take 15 minutes jeepney ride to Agpararay Hidden Paradise where guest will have barbeque lunch at the river side after a relaxing dip on the natural pool.


                           crossing bamboo hanging bridge                                                                                                 natural swimming pool at hidden paradise   

While visiting Balilad Mangyan Village, guest will get entertained by the Hanunuo /Iraya villagers with their music and dance. This whole day adventure will surely make your holiday a memorable one.

The Museum Paradise Village Tour is available anyday. Just book ahead with the Activity Guys. Price is Php 1,800 per person with a minimum of 6 pax.

Thursday, May 31, 2012 2:00:00 PM Categories: 101 Activities
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Magpantay Family Outing at Coco Beach 

A group of Filipino guests, Magpantay Family, who lives in Malvar Batangas, spent their holidays for two nights and three days at Coco Beach in three of our Heritage rooms.  The family is composed of three brothers - Sam, Lucas, Emerson and four sisters Fe, Glenda, Liezl and Cristina. They were headed by Lola Erlinda joining them are all their in-laws of her grandchildren. The family has their own line of business which is operates and manage of each family member such as Construction of buildings, junkshop, and gasoline and copra buyer.  

Magpantay Family

Annually they always have this out of town trip, to be relaxed, to have some break from their jobs, and also to be more bonded as a family. Thru browsing in the internet they found Coco Beach and decided to book. On their first day, the staff welcomed them with lei and welcome drinks and they had their dinner at the Carabao Restaurant. Next day of their vacation, they had the beach hopping where they did snorkeling and swimming in three secluded beaches. Then they enjoyed barbeque lunch such as grilled fish, meat, pork and lot of seafoods. Their last dinner was at the beach front with sea wave and under the moonlight.


                                             Relaxing at Haligi Beach                                                                                          Dinner at the beach                               

As per Magpantay Family, they really enjoyed the whole stay, short but full of memories to be brought home.They love the foods and service that the staff exerted. Until next time MAGPANTAY FAMILY, and thank you for coming and spending your vacation with us!


Thursday, May 31, 2012 8:00:00 AM
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