Soon Kwang family getaway 

Soon Kwang Family

In search of a relaxing and family place to spend together, twelve Korean nationals headed their way to Coco Beach Island Resort. Soon Kwang and his group stayed three days and two nights. On their first night the group had their first bonding moment by having a special dinner by the beach with their own waiter attending to them the whole evening. The next morning after breakfast at Carabao Restaurant, they joined the free boat tour to Haligi Beach, one of secluded beaches around the area with nice sand and corals. They spent two hours swimming and snorkeling.

The group also participated in the Garden Fiesta Party and really had fun that evening. Listening to the music of Coco Band and watching the Service Mamas and Coco kids performed. According to them it was a great stay and would certainly come back for another holiday.

To Soon Kwang and the rest of the group, thank you so much for choosing to stay with us. It was our great pleasure having you here.

Monday, December 9, 2013 11:39:00 AM Categories: Guests
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New Moon Party 2013 

The last New Moon party of the year, with Barbecue buffet on the dinner table was held last December 03, 2013. New Moon party is a monthly event at Coco Beach where you can witness two of our local bands performing their type of music. These two local bands are named Coco Band, who used to play variety of songs for a long time and Iraya Band, who loved to play reggae music. At exactly half past seven in the evening the party started and hosted by Pj, one of the office personnel and Jeanly, one of the lead vocalist of Coco Band. Having a great music compromises the dancing and singing of the guests who joined the party.

The participants of the party were composed of different nationality that came from different countries, local and international. In overall experience of the guests really enjoyed the great party, and can only be seen at Coco Beach. In addition to their good memories, guests were amazed by the performance of the two Fire dancers with their good combination of dancing and playing fire ball attached to the chain.

To all the New Moon party participants we thank you for your cooperation and see you on next year New Moon party.

Saturday, December 7, 2013 12:15:00 PM Categories: Events
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Macaroon Baking Lesson with Jeanet and Nanna 

Nanna and Janet

Best of friends Nanna and Jeanet who shared same interest and likes.They decided to plan a trip to the Philippnes. They discovered Coco Beach through their travel agency in Denmark. Both of them, together with their new Danish friends at Coco Beach had a set of activities day by day. Jeanet and Nanna are 21 years old career women on their country.  During their holiday at the resort they went to Free Boat Tour and had a wonderful sightseeing to another beach. Best friends watched and joined Frog Race during their dinner time and had fun on our own version of Cockfight where two cocks are placed on the table and the first cock who fell down will be the loser. They had a wonderful time going to Tamaraw falls and Tukuran Lagoon and they really love the experience riding on a Carabao cart together with the other Danish guests. They book a Macaroon Baking Lesson with baker Raul at ten in the morning, mixed all the ingredients and wait for it to be finally done, and the baker serve it to them fresh and hot. Jeanet and Nanna said that they really enjoyed their stay at Coco Beach, and they are hoping to be back again. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 2:45:00 PM Categories: 101 Activities
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Pacific Surgical Inc. 

Pacific Surgical is a medical device and equipment distributor that provides innovative surgical products in the Philippines for almost eight years. Moreover, nineteen employees headed by their Managing Director Mr. William Steedman traveled down to Coco Beach for some sort of relaxation. With their first warm and sunny day at the resort, boys had basketball game with our staff while girls hang around the area to check other amenities.

They set a dinner at Coco Grill which gave them fun and happy memories of a wonderful time together. Mr. William also arranged a beach hopping tour on their second day  for his colleagues where they enjoy BBQ lunch, snorkeling and swimming at four beautiful coves and beaches such as Bayanan, Long Beach, Mangrove, Haligi Beach. All are first timers and they all enjoyed their stay at Coco Beach.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 6:28:00 PM Categories: Coco Blog Guests
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Happy 27th Anniversary C & C Travel  

Coco Beach Staff

A partner that supports and holds one another stays long with each other and so Coco Beach family is happy to greet C&C Travel for 27 years of being together. Thank you for sending more guests and getting in touch with us.  May we have more years to celebrate and rejoice for a successful partnership.

Happy 27th Anniversary!

Monday, November 25, 2013 11:11:00 AM Categories: Coco Postcard
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