Baboy Game with Ivan and Tage Andersen

Once again staffs gathered in one long table to play the Baboy game with Ivan and Tage Andersen. In this game, the player may earn points after tossing the two rubber pigs as point system depends on their landing position. Engaging in this game brings so much fun and a great bonding moment with everyone.

Winners will get special prizes while the losers usually end up washing the dishes or cleaning-up the beach.

First batch was played by the evening shift, around 32 players joined the game but only 4 were lucky to get prizes. They are Chito from kitchen department, Rodel Lopez from Dining department, Erico Ruben and waiter Arvin.


                                         Evening shift winners                                                                                  Morning shift winners

Twenty eight players from morning shift played the next day. Luca also joined on the second batch of players and added cash prize to the winners. After four rounds winners are Elian, Edwin and Sahlee.

This time no diswashing for the loser but they will play and has to beat Tage in the soccer game next time they are back at Coco Beach Island Resort.

Thursday, August 16, 2012 11:00:00 AM Categories: Guests
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