A place made for you

Whether you’re vacationing alone or with friends and family, Coco Beach has the right type of room for you. We have 110 rooms designed to give you that cozy and natural warmth feeling while you’re enjoying your stay with us.

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coco Divers

Coco Divers is situated in the middle of Coco Beach Island Resort. Coco Divers offers the very best service to beginners and professionals. It has the newest Scubapro and Seaquest dive gear and equipment, a large area for equipment wash-off, an area for safekeeping, class/video room, etc.

The professional staff of Coco Divers will make sure you get a great time under and above the water. For your convenience we speak English, Danish, German and Tagalog at Coco Divers.

We hope we can give you as much information as you need. Because that’s what it’s all about… Informations!

On this site you can find nearly every thing. How to come here (cheap, medium and VIP), the dive sites, prices, courses, money exchange converter, weather forecast, actual local time, under water photos, emergency… You name it, we think we got it...

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Once again enjoy your virtual journey around Coco Beach and Coco Divers...


Come down and visit us AND Let’s do it – Let’s get wet.


Widest Amenities in Town

Coco Beach Island Resort offers you the largest facilities in Puerto Galera.

Swimming Pools

Swim or sunbathe and enjoy all sorts of activities at the pool. We have two pool for you to choose from.


Pamper yourself with the very best of nature wrapped around your body. Soothe your mind and soul. Calm your senses. Let time stand still. Rejuvenate your body.

Shopping Arcade

We offer you, what you absolutely bring home for friends as pasalubong (gifts) or for your personal use.


Offers the very best service to beginners and professionals. We have the newest Scubapro and Seaquest dive gear and equipment.

Children's Playground

Parents can of course enjoy their holiday knowing that their children are having fun and being taken care of.


keep your fitness routine and make it a bit more exciting during your stay at Coco Beach.


Go up the Silent Pool, Coco Gym and some of the cottages with our unique cable car designed like the traditional Philippines jeepney.


The soap used in our rooms is 100% made by hand at Coco Beach with real virgin coco oil we press ourselves.



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