Joanna Saunar's Story

There's a saying "the ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul" and this how i would like to describe my wonderful experience at coco beach. I came there with a troubled heart and a mind in chaos and i left at peace with myself. 
The days i spent at coco beach was nothing but fruitful. I get to spend time with my friend since college who i consider my soul sister. It's those times i can act crazy and not care at all. I got a chance to be with my god daugther and just be around my friend's family filled with laughter. To spend those moments in coco beach doubles the experience. Coco beach is not just a resort but a community. It makes you feel close to home, makes you comfortable to be at your own skin and be at your own pace. They'll give you the vibe of being in a family, that extra mile they can give to you when you stay there.
But the highlight of my stay was my diving experience. I got to do something for the first time and i was under the care of the wonderful and amazing dive instructors of coco beach. They are more than just instructors, they advocate the protection of marine life. For my first dive, i was with sea turtles. It was a moment that made me still and appreciate nature even more. And in those moment with a troubled heart, i felt peace. It Was like god telling me to be like the sea turtle, be at ease in my own shell. To be patient and take that longer cycle of transformation. To have determination and stay  strong while walking the path with serenity. Let the tide take you wherever it will lead and enjoy the journey, to trust in the flow, that there's no absolute destination and experience happy accidents.
My stay at coco beach became really personal which makes it really unforgettable. And it is a testament, that coco beach is a place where you can leave a piece of yourself to look back who you were then and what you have become now. It is more than a resort, it's part of your journey.
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Monday, December 14, 2015 10:56:38 AM

re: Joanna Saunar's Story

Wow, diver ka na, Joanna! Congrats! So happy for you! Here's to more dives in the future!

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