Lyn Recaplaza's Story

What a beautiful experience,at Cocobeach,the smells of the salty water,the wind in your face,soo fresh,the waves,it creates a sense of peace,and calms your senses,i even had my very own time to do the yoga poses in the beach front,in the evening,while my husband relaxing also beside me.When I first discover Cocobeach,would you believe that me and my kids,were first time in Puerto Gallera,way back 2013,Feb.It was one of our Island hopping,while the boat passby,I saw this signage,as we get closer and closer,Coco beach,we all said wow,what a beautiful beach secluded,it looks very private,and lovely. 
So i said to myself,someday,i will got the chance,how i wish that me and my husband could visit I dream and dream about it....And finally,last July,24,25,and 26,this year.Me and my loving husband,spend our first ever honeymoon,after 18 years of being married,in an Island called Cocobeach.As a wife of an ofw,this is very special for us.We arrive in the afternoon,they welcome us with a very warm greeting,a welcome drinks,and a puca shells.
We headed to our lovely nipa hut,hill top accomodation,we were accompnied by one of the son of our Assigned in house Mama,so no worries,they are assigned to keep each each room,tidy and clean,so no worries during our stay.
As excited like a kids,my husband and i went for a walk,we first went uphill,to one of the swimming pool,which they called..silent pool,sorrounded by the beautiful trees,overlooking view of the ocean...we went downhill,going up and going down,means you are excercising your legs,a cardio workout,without exerting much effort.As we headed to the beach,you will get carried away,because life here is so different,time doesnt move hour to hour,but mood to moment.As the sunset,we captured the moment,kissing by the beach,by the sunset,walking barefoot in the sun.So you realy forget time,all we did was relax,let loose,all the worries.It is one of the most unforgetable,evening we spent together,we were like honeymooners.In the morning,you can feel the sweet smells of the fresh air,wow,the scent of the morning breeze.You will be greeted by birds singing.And this accomodation,is litterally eat,pray,love!
In Cocobeach,crystal clear ocean,we felt like we were floating  up above a big ocean,of experience.sand beaneath our feet,big blue sky above our heads,we enjoyed snorkeling,island hoppings,it was like a giant spa,we felt like we are re charged,it is really a sense of peace and calm..Those memories that is already written in our book of memories,we wanted next time that our grow up kids will experience.
Sunday, December 13, 2015 1:02:00 AM


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