Marinel Sarmiento's Family Vacation

Marinel Sarmiento arrived at the Coco Beach Island Resort for 3 days/2 nights vacation with her sister and other relatives.  The group consisted of 16 persons stayed in the classic bungalow close to the beach.

At Coco Beach, the family went to Tamaraw Falls with activity coordinator Belyn. From Muelle port they rode a jeepney for 30 minutes before they reached Puerto Galera’s famous Water falls. They enjoyed swimming in the natural pool while basking in the scenic view.

After spending some hours in the falls the group continued to the Mangyan Village and made a short stop at white beach before heading back to Coco Beach.


On Sunday morning some of them went on a fishing trip and were very thrilled when they caught different kind of fishes. The kitchen crew cooked it for them for dinner.

The group shared that they would come back again as they find the place very cozy.  Service was so good, staffs were very accommodating and friendly especially the dining department.  They added also that you will never get bored while on vacation here as there are so many activities to choose from.

Just before leaving Maria Wilma, Marinel’s sister celebrated her 52nd birthday. During breakfast at the Carabao Restaurant the staff greeted her with birthday song and gave her a cake.

Thank you for spending your vacation with us.


Friday, June 22, 2012 3:40:00 PM
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