New Moon Party 2013

The last New Moon party of the year, with Barbecue buffet on the dinner table was held last December 03, 2013. New Moon party is a monthly event at Coco Beach where you can witness two of our local bands performing their type of music. These two local bands are named Coco Band, who used to play variety of songs for a long time and Iraya Band, who loved to play reggae music. At exactly half past seven in the evening the party started and hosted by Pj, one of the office personnel and Jeanly, one of the lead vocalist of Coco Band. Having a great music compromises the dancing and singing of the guests who joined the party.

The participants of the party were composed of different nationality that came from different countries, local and international. In overall experience of the guests really enjoyed the great party, and can only be seen at Coco Beach. In addition to their good memories, guests were amazed by the performance of the two Fire dancers with their good combination of dancing and playing fire ball attached to the chain.

To all the New Moon party participants we thank you for your cooperation and see you on next year New Moon party.

Saturday, December 7, 2013 12:15:00 PM Categories: Events
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