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I was so excited when I learned that Coco Beach has a promo in deal grocer so I didn’t hesitate to avail that deal. It was our first time to have a vacation alone as a couple last September 26 - 28, 2015 to that amazing resort! I can’t stop taking pictures and videos in every corner because of that relaxing and colourful place, it’s everywhere! The flowers, coconut trees and the blue sky that reflects from the warm sea - it was such a bliss.
The crew were very accommodating and it was such a pleasant feeling to us.The food were absolutely delicious and had big servings - I was shocked that the price was not that expensive. We also had a very romantic evening while the group of golden voices sang to us during dinner, they really had a gifted voice! We were like on a VIP because of how they treat us from 1st day to the last day especially the family in-charged in housekeeping. The room was native and elegantly romantic, perfect for us! We stayed at deluxe room with a flawless view, the beach front. That was really a tranquil place ever.
We participated in some activities like free boating and tried snorkelling and fish feeding as we are both first time – a piece of heaven seeing how beautiful creatures under the sea. Too bad we don’t have water proof camera.  Much of our time were spent to walking on the seaside and explore some places in the resort like the hanging bridge and the silent pool. I so love seeing the romantic sunset and the warm sunrise and it was my most awaited moment with my hubby.
Actually, even if you don’t do so much activities there, you will not get bored because of the place and looking at the picturesque of Coco beach, it’s as if you just want to stay there all throughout your vacation, plus the crew were really exceptional serving us. We are again planning to have a vacation with our family by next year and I am so excited! There is so much I want to express how we loved staying in that resort but to sum it all - We experience paradise for 3days and 2nights when we we’re in Coco Beach. ☺
Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:54:00 AM


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