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There are four restaurants in Coco Beach alone. This comes as no surprise because in the Philippines, eating is a national passion! Here at Coco Beach Island Resort, we've raised dining to a new level of enjoyment.

Tamaraw Restaurant

We welcome you with a cool coconut juice drink at our first and main restaurant as you step foot in Coco Beach. The restaurant is named after the Tamaraw which is endemic to the island of Mindoro.

Breakfast is usually served here everyday with one of our cooks in full uniform will be there to make your fresh omelette from the chicken who had to wake up early to lay those eggs.

Ask him to make any crazy omelette you can think of, not all those old boring ones you normally will get anywhere- try it!

For dinner, the Chef's Specials is offered every night with a variation of themed buffets and Saturday Parties!

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Doña Lina Revolving Restaurant

Experience fine dining in the only revolving restaurant in the island and one of the handful in the country.

Watch the Chef make your three to five-course meal in the middle of the restaurant and be attended by well-trained staff.

A perfect place for a nice, quite and romantic dinner!

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Coco Grill

Enjoy flavorful Asian cuisine at the Coco Grill Restaurant. Nestled amidst the Banana Village on the hillside which offers a spectacular view of the ocean and on clear, cloudless nights, one could see the flickering lights in the coastal towns of Batangas.

The Coco Grill Restaurant reinvents itself with a new menu composed of delicious dishes from China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea & Brunei.

Satisfy your palate with dishes like Soto Bandung & Pisang Kapok in Coconut Cream from Indonesia, Raita & Tandoori Chicken from India,Onde- Onde & Laksa Fish Soup from Malaysia, Kung Pao Chicken & Sesame Shrimp Toast from China, Trey Kho Manor from Cambodia, Banh Phuong Hoang & Tamarind Shrimp Soup from Vietnam, Spicy BeefSalad & Tom Yam from Thailand, Tuna Sashimi & Beef Teriyaki from Japan, Kongnamul Gook from Korea and Getuk Lidri from Brunei.

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Trattoria "Sotto Le Stelle"

Specialty of the house is pizza! For lunch, choose between seven different kinds of pizzas – Bianca Focaccia, Margherita, Prosciutto, Pepperoni, Vegetarian, Quattroo Stagioni and Marinara.

Dinners are based on set menu: Monday, Wednesday and Friday includes warm foccacia, pizza with your own choice of toppings, salad and fresh fruits. 

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Tamaraw Bar

Happy Hour is Anito Bar's best time! Get the bartenders’ treat every day from 4:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. Buy one, get one on any cocktail!

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Chef’s menu

Satisfy your palate with these delicious dishes. Indulge while enjoying the spectacular view from the hilltop or having a romantic dinner with your  special someone.

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Happy hour

Happy Hour is Anito Bar's best time! Get the bartenders’ treat every day from 4:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. Buy one, get one on any cocktail or tall drink!. 

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Have a romantic dinner at the beach or breakfast at the garden. Join our excursions and enjoy your meal on banana leaves with matching ice cold drinks.

Romantic Dinner at the Beach

Celebrating something special with somebody special? We prepare at the beach a table with all the trimmings (white tablecloth, candlelights, flowers, etc.) and your own waiter to serve you. Choose from our Chef's menu and of course a bottle or two of our special wines. Let us know at least a day in advance and we take care of the rest.

Special Honeymoon Package



One advantages of being at Coco Beach is having the chance to get away from it. Explore Puerto Galera's natural beauty be a Robinson Crusoe for a day. Laze around an isolated cove, swim or snorkel in it's clear blue water, then grill your own food. And still, enjoy the modern day pleasure of cold beers, softdrinks, wines, etc. in a cooler.

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