Robertson's Coco Beach Story

Coco Beach! WOW,  What an amazing place, only at this point in our story we had no idea what wonders awaited us. This story starts in Early 2009 as Justin and I were looking for a honeymoon destination. One late night after what seemed like endless hours of searching the vast internet we stumbled upon a website for a small secluded resort called "Coco Beach" , we knew right away that this would be the place and we booked our five night stay in what would soon become our favorite destination. Finally after months of waiting and anticipation, we are married and off to coco beach! We visited April 2009 and were BLOWN AWAY by this amazing place, how green, how private and romantic the place was. We loved coco beach so much in fact that we made another reservation  6 months after to stay for 1 week.
When Justin and I we arrived that October 2009 we had such a warm welcome . To our amazement the staff remembered us and immediately it felt like home.  I organized a surprise birthday dinner by the beach for Justin and because all the staff took such care to make it special. It remains to this day such a memorable and special night for us. We had such a great time walking on the trails, getting henna tattoos, and boat trips that just maybe we would get to come again......
When we had our first born (Dexton) in 2011, the opportunity to plan a return stay had come. We decided to plan our whole trip around going back to coco beach. So in May 2012 we once again set foot on what was now a familiar beach filled with so many warm memories and the delight of seeing the Coco Beach family again! This time Justin was able to dive for the first time and I was able to bring my sister to share this place with.
Now that we have our second child (Jazper), we look forward to the day we're able to bring him to see this special place. From our first visit, there are three reoccurring reasons that keep drawing us back; hospitality of service families and staff, family/home feeling, and privacy/seclusion. Coco Beach is a part of our life now, and always will be and we can't wait to plan our next coco adventure!  
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