Service Boys Outing

July 24, 2012 when the Service Boys had their outing at Bulabod Beach accompanied by Elian and Ronnie as the facilitator of the games. Service boys are members of the Service Family who help them clean and attend to the guests needs. You can see them carrying guest luggage’s to their assigned room. Assist the service Mamas in making–up your bed and cleaning up the room.

During their outing they were divided into two teams, Chick Boyz and Cheap Boyz.  They enjoyed the beach relay, tug of–war and beach volleyball games.


Cheap Boyz won the beach volleyball and tug-of–war. They received one thousand pesos as winning prize while the Chick Boyz got five hundred pesos. As seen to their faces, they were all happy and had fun in the outing.

Saturday, August 4, 2012 6:05:00 AM Categories: Service Family
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