Short but Sweet: A Blissful Weekend Paradise

Judito Angelo Tadeo's Story

It was on impulse when we decided that we ought to have a break away from deadlines and stress. We booked a weekend getaway to Mindoro. It was both our first time to visit Puerto Galera so we were both excited to see what the Pearl of Mindoro had to offer.
On the 12th of June 2015, we set forth to Mindoro. The trip to Puerto Galera involved a short bus ride and another 1 hour by boat, but the approach from the sea that greeted us blew all the fatigue away. The view was worth traveling 150 kilometers for. It was like we were treading in a dream. The sea bore the bluest of the blues; the mountains the greenest of the greens. Even the sky spared us from gray clouds as the sun enveloped us in its warm embrace. There was indescribable serenity that our troubled souls yearned for. This was exactly the paradise that we needed.
Upon arriving at Coco Beach, we felt like we were coming home. We didn't (still don't) have the right words to describe the beauty of the resort, tucked away in privacy where the mountains meet the sea. We immediately fell in love with the hospitality of the staff, the traditional rooms and the simplicity of life that Coco Beach has established. We were impressed by how the resort placed the cabanas on the mountainside, allowing an immersion in nature and rewarding guests with a full 180 degree view of the sea. The food served at the resort’s 4 restaurants enticed not only our palates but also our other senses with the variety of colors and aromas that were certainly fresh. Everything in Coco Beach provided us the well­deserved rest that we were looking for.
For three short days, we spent our time lounging around, feasting our eyes on the breathtaking nature around us. We also got to experience the marvels of Mindoro through the 101 activities organized by Coco Beach: we tried out exploring and snorkeling in dreamy depths of the sea. It was not only once or twice that we wished time would stop. In countless moments, we hoped for forever. Basking in the splendour of nature and getting lost in its sublimity, we were able to find ourselves. Coco Beach provided the sanctuary which not only healed our minds and bodies but also cleansed our souls.
Sunday, December 13, 2015 1:07:00 AM


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