The Resort

Coco Beach Island Resort is a sprawling 10-hectare beach resort with facilities made from all-natural materials. Everything is designed to compliment each facility and its natural surroundings. Definitely, an idyllic place to recharge frayed nerves, with its cozy ambience of bamboo and nipa hut in its very Filipino type of hospitality and accommodation.

If you’re thinking of getting away and escaping to a tropical island paradise, then you’ve found the perfect place.

Coco Beach is located at Behiya, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro where the crystal clear water of the sea is full of life; and the hills are full of coconut palms swaying with the breeze. Here in the old days, Spanish galleons passed by the trading routes between Europe, Mexico and the East.

Today, Coco Beach has bungalows and facilities all made in natural materials. No concrete is to be seen anywhere. We have over four restaurants, 95 rooms, tennis court, hanging bridge, sports facilities, 2 swimming pools, spa – everything blends with nature.


The perfect combination of lush mountains and magnificent sea makes Puerto Galera a perfect destination to quench your thirst for adventures. Let the enchanting beauty of the sea mesmerize you – ride the waves, tumble, fall, just let the adrenaline rush through your body. If exploration is your kind of adventure, journey into the wilderness or high above the ground – experience nature differently.


It’s too easy to fall in love further at Coco Beach Island Resort. A simple moment spent watching the sunset by the beach with your significant other is surely breathtaking. The magnificence of nature brings that inexplicable feeling of happiness and contentment, letting love and passion linger.

Family Getaway

Travel is about making good and lasting memories. And to travel with Family means making sure that every activity is for the books. Turn your family bonding into reminiscences that will forever stay in your hearts as you spend time at Coco Beach Island Resort.

Service Family

At Coco Beach, we let you experience a Filipino home. An exclusive and original concept, The Service Family lives somewhere close to your cottage. They provide you basic services (prepare your bed, change your towels) but beyond that, you become part of their family the moment you become our guest. They don’t have any formal training — they are simple families extending the innate Filipino hospitality.