Feels Like Home


“It feels like home here.” This was how Nils described his first ever stay at Coco Beach Island Resort where he celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Day. He has witnessed and experienced both celebrations at the resort – both of which were full of fun, love, and a showcase of familial warmth.

Apart from enjoying good food and his new favorite cocktail, the Weng-Weng, he also appreciated very much the commitment to good quality service of the staff. For instance, he was delighted at how the service family kept his room very neat and clean. He also noticed the excellent service of the staff amidst the bustle of the holidays.

Since it’s the New Year, we felt it was apt to ask Nils about his resolutions and plans for 2018 – one of which is to come back to Coco Beach and stay much longer to do a lot more.

Sometimes, you don’t have to be at your house to feel at home.

Michael and Gitte on a Paraw Trip

There are just so many water activities to do #whenincoco. If you’re the adventurous type you could go for something wild but if you’d like to relax and enjoy the experience above water  while appreciating the beauty of the bay, going on a Paraw (paddleboat) trip is your best bet.

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Danish couple Michael and Gitte opted for the latter. They went on a paddleboat trip for half-day and explored the coves and coasts of Puerto Galera. The trip also gave them the opportunity to have a sneak peak and be mesmerized by the town’s underwater world.

A Postcard for Martin from Glen of Shopping Arcade

Glen of Shopping Arcade is sending Martin a postcard to say thank you and to remind him of the paradise he recently visited.


Martin, together with his family, spent six days and five nights at Coco Beach. They stayed in two of our Classic Deluxe rooms. The family spent most of their time hanging out at the poolside – enjoying the water and the wonderful surroundings.

They loved dining at the Coco Grill Restaurant not only for its delectable Asian dishes but also for its panoramic view of the sea and the Batangas coastlines. Of course, one couldn’t leave this island without bringing home some souvenirs. So before heading back to Manila, the family bought some shirts from the Shopping Arcade as a reminder of their happiest vacation ever.