Buhid Hilltop

A cabin worth the uphill climb, best for a small group of four

Reaching your Buhid Hilltop Room requires some effort, but, when spent with people you treasure, the ascent becomes fun and memorable. Your room gives you a view of the majestic sea, luscious trees, and colorful local flora and fauna. Have a special bonding moment with family or friends in your almost-secluded hideaway in the island.

Interesting Fact: Buhid refers to another Mangyan Tribe known for pottery. The word literally means “mountain dwellers”. Buhid Mangyans reside in the municipalities of Roxas, Bansud, Bongabong, Mansalay in Oriental Mindoro as well as in San Jose and Rizal in Occidental Mindoro.

Room Amenities:

One queen-sized bed and  two single-sized beds
• Approximately 40 sqm.
• Hammock in the balcony.
• Ceiling Fan
• Hot and Cold Shower

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