Tadyawan Deluxe

A simple space with an alluring view of the sea, perfect for a group of four

Tadyawan Deluxe is designed for family of four. It is basic yet provides you with a great view of the sea. Imagine every morning as you wake-up, the natural breeze touching your skin, the sound of the waves relaxing your mind, and the view of sea filling your soul. The beach will always be calling you with the room’s fantastic view of the sea.

Interesting Fact: Tadyawan Mangyans mostly dwell in the municipalities of Naujan, Victoria, Socorro, Pola, Gloria, and Bansud in Oriental Mindoro.

Room Amenities:

One queen-sized bed and two single-sized beds
• Approximately 30 sqm. to 39 sqm
• Hammock in the balcony
• Ceiling Fan

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