Iraya Hilltop

A breathtaking union with nature, perfect for two

Be fascinated by the majestic view of the sea, trees, and various flora and fauna every time you get to your room near the top of the hill. The Hilltop Rooms provide an even more quiet and peaceful stay. Each room is designed like a typical island tropical house using natural materials to let you enjoy the natural breeze. Reaching your room requires a little effort but you will surely be rewarded with the beautiful sight upon reaching the top.

Interesting Fact: Iraya Mangyans are known to be skilled in nito-weaving, creating handicrafts such as jars, trays, and cups. While some of them dwell in the municipalities of Puerto Galera, San Teodoro, and Baco Oriental Mindoro, most of them reside in Occidental Mindoro.

Room Amenities:

One queen-sized bed.
• Approximately 30 sqm
• Hammock in the balcony.
• Ceiling Fan
• Hot and Cold Shower

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