A spacious and delightful dwelling place, perfect for a family of four

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Have a relaxing sleep in your spacious bungalow-type villa with one queen-sized bed and two single beds.  Just like a typical house, the master’s bedroom is separated from the receiving area by a sliding door.

Perfect for a family of four, a suite room makes your stay cozy and one with nature. You’ll have a near-to-authentic island living experience as rooms are made mostly from natural materials such as wood and bamboo — just like how Bangon Mangyans built their houses. Experience the sounds and scents of the tropics as the natural breeze cools your room.

Interesting Fact: “Bangon” in Filipino means to get up. It also refers to a tribe of Mangyans who dwell in the surrounding mountains in the municipalities of Bongabong, Bansud, and Gloria Oriental Mindoro.

Room Amenities:

• Spacious bungalow type with one (1) Queen sized bed and two (2) Single beds
•Approximately 41 sqm.
• Hammock in the balcony
• Ceiling Fan

Rates start at PHP 7,000 per night.